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moo, moo, happy cow

Chinese stude beheaded at Virginia Tech

WASHINGTON -- A female Chinese graduate student has been decapitated by a fellow student at Virginia Tech, the scene of the worst school shooting in US history in 2007, police said Thursday. At approximately 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, Xin Yang, a 22-year-old graduate student from Beijing, was killed at an Au Bon Pain cafe on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Virginia, university officials said. They added that emergency contact records suggest that Yang and the student who murdered her, Haiyang Zhu from Ningbo, China, knew each other. According to officials, witnesses said Zhu, 25, attacked Yang with a knife. "There were seven witnesses in the cafe. There had been no argument, no shouting" when the young woman was attacked, said Virginia Tech spokesman Mark Owczarski, confirming that Yang had been decapitated. "This is horrible and tragic. Especially when we know that Virginia Tech has got its share of hardship and horror." Yang had arrived at Virginia Tech in e

whitehouse 2.0

Change is the most used word for the new President. Obama is the first President to use BlackBerry, and he is popular icon in Web 2.0. The official website of White House has a new look of Web 2.0. It is flashy. It blogs. It youtubes.

Obama inaugural address translated

Recall that earlier generations faced down fascism and communism not just with missiles and tanks, but with sturdy alliances and enduring convictions. They understood that our power alone cannot protect us, nor does it entitle us to do as we please. Instead, they knew that our power grows through its prudent use; our security emanates from the justness of our cause, the force of our example, the tempering qualities of humility and restraint. 要记得先辈压倒 法西斯主义和共产主义 ,不只用导弹和坦克,还凭坚定的团结和不挠的信念。他们明了,单凭一己力 量,我们不足以自保,更不能自把自为。反之,他们明白到,只有审慎运用,我们的力量才能壮大起来;我们的安稳,源自我们目标之正确、我们所作榜样的力量, 还有谦卑与克制的温和质量。-- 凤凰版 回想先辈们在抵抗 法西斯主义 之时,他们不仅依靠手中的导弹或坦克,他们还依靠稳固的联盟和坚定的信仰。他们深知单凭自己的力量我们无法保护自己,他们也深 知我们强大并不足以使我们有权利为所欲为。他们明白,正是因为使用谨慎,我们的实力才不断增强;正是因为我们的事业是公正的、我们为世界树立了榜样,因为 我们的谦卑和节制,我们才安全。 -- 中国日报版 For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness. We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus — and non-believers. We are shaped by every language and culture, drawn from every end of this Ea

A Few Rough Patches for a Presidential Oath

NYT January 21, 2009 By ADAM LIPTAK For a couple of smooth-talking constitutional experts, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and President Obama had a hard time getting through the constitutional oath of office. There was a false start by Mr. Obama, who started to respond before Chief Justice Roberts had completed the first phrase. Mr. Obama ended up saying the first two words — “I, Barack” — twice. Then there was an awkward pause after Chief Justice Roberts prompted Mr. Obama with these words: “That I will execute the office of president to the United States faithfully.” The chief justice seemed to say “to” rather than “of,” but that was not the main problem. The main problem was that the word “faithfully” had floated upstream in the constitutional text, which actually says this: “That I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States.” Mr. Obama seemed to realize this, pausing quizzically after saying, “that I will execute.” Chief Justice Ro

Dr. Steven Chu as the new Secretary of Energy

Dr. Steven Chu is a Chinese American but can't speech Chinese. Before the new appointment of Secretaty of DOE, he was the head of LBNL. Speaking about Department of Enerygy(DOE), I have worked on several projects funded by DOE when I was in Pasadena. At first thought, wow, what kind of projects can be funded by DOE? It turns out nothing special. We pretty much worked on some VoIP projects for CERN. Years after, I still don't understand what's that big collider for, new energy, origin of universe, or particles world tour?

Watched 44th President of USA Obama inauguration "live"

"live" means live on CNN, not live on National Mall. It was already around 1AM on 1/21 in Shanghai. Many Americans take it as turning moments of history. Bush is in his new low, US economy is nowhere better, and the new elected, as the first black President, represents American dream well. Millions of People gathered in the National Mall area between Capitol and Lincoln Memorial to watch this moment, let along those who watched live broadcast all around the world. It was the first time I watch President of USA inauguration. The whole process is very unique. The ceremony is hosted by Senator Dianne Feinstein. After her call to order and welcoming remarks, pastor Rick Warren gives the invocation, followed by Aretha Franklin's perform. After that, the vice-president-elect, Joe Biden, is sworn into office by the supreme court justice John Paul Stevens. Biden has practised it very well. Yo-yo Ma and other musicians perform. It has past noon. Obama becomes 44th President






some money terms

Statement of Income — Example (figures in millions) Operating Revenues Net Sales $20,438 Operating Expenses Cost of goods sold $7,943 Selling, general and administrative expenses $8,172 Depreciation and amortization $960 Other expenses $138 Total operating expenses $17,213 Operating income $3,225 Nonoperating income $130 Earnings before interest and income taxes (EBIT) $3,355 Net interest expense $145 Earnings before income taxes $3,210 Income taxes $1,027 Net income $2,183 (Table info source: Bodie, Z., Kane, A. and Marcus, A. J. Essentials of Investments , McGraw Hill Irwin, 2004, p. 452.) P/E ratio ( price-to-earnings ratio ) N/A A company with no earnings has an undefined P/E ratio. By convention, companies with losses (negative earnings) are usually treated as having an undefined P/E ratio, although a negative P/E ratio can be mathematically determined. 0–10 Either the s


大学之道,在明明德,在亲民,在止於至善。 知止而后有定;定而后能静;静而后能安;安而后能虑;虑而后能得。物有本末;事有终始。知所先后,则近道矣。 古之欲明明德於天下者,先治其国;欲治其国者先齐其家;欲齐其家者先修其身;欲修其身者,先正其心;欲正其心者,先诚其意;欲诚其意者;先致其知;致知在格物。 物格而后知至,知至而后意诚,意诚而后心正,心正而后身修,身修而后家齐,家齐而后国治,国治而后天下平。自天子以至於庶人,一是皆以修身为本。其本乱而末治者,否矣; 其所厚者薄,而其所薄者厚,未之有也。此谓知本,此谓知之至也。 所谓诚其意者,毋自欺也。如恶恶臭,如好好色,此之谓自谦。古君子必慎其独也。小人闲居为不善,无所不至。见君子而后厌然,掩其不善,而著其善。人之视己,如见其肺肝然,则何益矣?此谓诚于中,形于外。故君子必慎其独也。曾子曰:“十目所视,十手所指,其严呼!”富润屋,德润身,心广体胖。故君子必诚其意。 《诗》云:“瞻彼淇澳,菉竹猗猗;有斐君子,如切如磋,如琢如磨;瑟兮僩兮,赫兮喧兮;有斐君子,终不可諠兮。” 如切如磋者,道学也;如琢如磨者,自修也;瑟兮僩兮者,恂搮也;赫兮喧兮者,威仪也;有斐君子,终不可諠兮者,道盛德至善,民之不能忘也。 《诗》云:“於戏前王不忘。” 君子贤其贤而亲其亲,小人乐其乐而利其利,此以没世不忘也 《康诰》曰:“克明德。”《大甲》曰:“顾諟天之明命。”《帝典》曰:“克明峻德。”皆自明也。 汤之《盘铭》曰:“苟日新,日日新,又日新。”《康诰》曰:“作新民。”《诗》曰:“周虽旧邦,其命惟新。” 是故君子无所不用其极。 《诗》云:“邦畿千里,惟民所止。”《诗》云:“缗蛮黄鸟,止於丘隅。”子曰:“於止,知其所止,可以人而不如鸟乎?”《诗》云:“穆穆文王,於缉熙敬止。” 为人君,止於仁;为人臣,止於敬;为人子,止於孝;为人父,止於慈; 与国人交,止於信 子曰:“听讼,吾犹人也。必也,使无讼乎?”无情者,不得尽其辞,大畏民志。此谓知本。 所谓修身在正其心者:身有所忿懥,则不得其正。有所恐惧,则不得其正。有所好乐,则不得其正。有所忧患,则不得其正。心不在焉,视而不见,听而不闻,食而不知其味。此谓修身在正其心 所谓齐其家在修其身者:人之其所亲爱而辟焉。之其所贱恶而辟焉。之其所畏敬而辟焉。之其所哀矜而辟焉。之其所敖惰而辟焉。故好而知其恶,恶


中国人一直喜欢看热闹。古代的时候,比如在闹市区来个片人肉的凌迟大戏,那绝对是人山人海。不但不会影响观众的胃口,反而有时候会激励观众的胃口,上去啖上几口。如果抓到奸夫淫妇,游街是少不了的,大家还会很正义的啐他们几口。近代的批斗会也是如出一辙。 但是社会毕竟在朝着文明的方向前进,这种集体偷窥习惯也重新找到了定位。就是在网络上偷窥爆料,最好是和性有关的话题,就是记者同志加上“不堪入目”的新闻。如果是新闻网站,大家只能看,不能发表意见,那是相当的憋闷。所以论坛绝对是个好地方,大家群策群力,不仅要看,还要啖上几口才爽。在网上偷窥, 观众有相当的隐私,那是相当的快乐放松。但是被偷窥的人就惨了,如果不是明星,不仅看你的肉体,还要人肉你的信息,什么姓名住址家庭电话。虽然还是相互不认识,但是有了姓名的帖子,绝对吸引更多的唾沫。 去年的年度大戏有艳照门拉开。今年的大戏则是章子怡唱了主角。

7 pounds

The last excellent movie 'the Pursuit of Happyness ' of Will Smith was very touching. He and his real life son performed very convincingly of Chris Gardner, a homeless salesman-turned-stockbroker. It seems this movie is another try for academy award, but it failed for sure. It is a story about a IRS man who killed 7 lives in a car accident, including his own wife. All his purpose to live afterward is to save 7 ordinary people's life. He takes the shortcut, by killing himself, and donates his heart, kidneys, eyes, lungs. The story is just too devastating, but not well told to be convincing


明太祖朱元璋 :朱重八、朱国瑞,1328-1398。1368年正月初四,朱元璋在应天即皇帝位,年号洪武,朱时年40岁。岳父郭子兴,马皇后为郭义女。 张士诚:泰州私盐贩子。徐寿辉:罗田布贩。陈友谅:湖北沔阳人,原在徐手下干,后杀徐自立。 一战:鄱阳湖(彭泽)大战:20万对60万。陈友谅为冷箭射杀。 二战:平江城破张士诚,被俘后锉骨扬灰。 三战:扫残元,主要敌人,王保保(扩廓帖木尔) 明朝开国第一武将徐达(凤阳人)善谋略,李文忠善奔袭,常遇春(凤阳人)善突击,冯胜善侧击,朱文正善防守。傅友德七战七胜,第一功臣李善长,第一谋士刘基。常遇春内弟猛将蓝玉。 洪武三年开科举 第一步,院试,考试者统称童生,范围是州县,考取称秀才,可以免一人徭役,见县官不下跪。 第二步,乡试,三年一次,一般在八月,此乃省一级的考试,过关称举人,第一名称解元。 第三步,会试,乡试第二年的二月,过关后朝廷会选300人,称为贡生,第一名称会元。 第四步,殿试,即皇帝提问,考生回答,内容主向是策问。 共分三甲 一甲三人叫进士及第,分别为状元、榜眼、探花;可直接进入翰林院 二甲若干人,叫赐进士出身; 三甲若干人,叫赐同进士出身。 二甲或三甲中挑选精英考试才可成为庶吉士。连中三元,明朝276年历史只出现一个,洪武年安徽人黄观中连中三元,为永乐所忌,所以史上无。 正统年间的商辂。隋唐开始,只有十四人:唐朝2,宋朝6,金1,元1,明2,清2。 八股:破题、承题、起讲、入题、起股、出题、中股、后股、束股、收结几个部分。其中起股、中股、后股、束股必须用排比对偶句。 洪武四大案: 胡惟庸案,杀万余人,废除丞相制度。 空印案,杀万余人。 郭恒案,杀掉三万余人。 蓝玉案,杀一万五千余人。 亲军督尉府--锦衣卫;检校。 洪武年假期,三天:过年、冬至、朱元璋生日。 官员贪招:折色火耗、淋尖踢斛。 元名起于《易经》:大哉乾元。 商人沈万山修南京城,修完被没收财产,发配云南。 明惠帝朱允炆 :年号建文。故皇长子朱标之子,手下班底:方孝孺、齐泰、黄子澄。不知所终,貌似出家。 明成祖朱棣(燕王) :年号永乐。道珩和尚(姚广孝),宁王朱权封藩南昌(朵颜三卫) 寻找大殿失火后失踪了的建文帝,陆上派胡濙,水路云南人郑


姚广孝,长洲人,本医家子。年十四,度为僧,名道衍,字斯道。事道士席应真,得其阴阳术数之学。尝游嵩山寺,相者袁珙见之曰:“是何异僧!目三角,形如病虎,性必嗜杀,刘秉忠流也。”道衍大喜。 洪武中,诏通儒书僧试礼部。不受官,赐僧服还。经北固山,赋诗怀古。其侪宗泐曰:“此岂释子语耶?”道衍笑不答。高皇后崩,太祖选高僧侍诸王,为诵经荐福。宗泐时为左善世,举道衍。燕王与语甚合,请以从。至北平,住持庆寿寺。出入府中,迹甚密,时时屏人语。及太祖崩,惠帝立,以次削夺诸王。周、湘、代、齐、岷相继得罪。道衍遂密劝成祖举兵。成祖曰:“民心向彼,奈何?”道衍曰:“臣知天道,何论民心。”乃进袁珙及卜者金忠。于是成祖意益决。阴选将校,勾军卒,收材勇异能之士。燕邸,故元宫也,深邃。道衍练兵后苑中。穴地作重屋,缭以厚垣,密甃翎甋瓶缶,日夜铸军器,畜鹅鸭乱其声。建文元年六月,燕府护卫百户倪谅上变。诏逮府中官属。都指挥张信输诚于成祖,成祖遂决策起兵。适大风雨至,檐瓦堕地,成祖色变。道衍曰:“祥也。飞龙在天,从以风雨。瓦堕,将易黄也。”兵起,以诛齐泰、黄子澄为名,号其众曰“靖难之师。”道衍辅世子居守。其年十月,成祖袭大宁,李景隆乘间围北平。道衍守御甚固,击却攻者。夜缒壮士击伤南兵。援师至,内外合击,斩首无算。景隆、平安等先后败遁。成祖围济南三月,不克。道衍驰书曰:“师老矣,请班师。”乃还。复攻东昌,战败,亡大将张玉,复还。成祖意欲稍休,道衍力趣之。益募勇士,败盛庸,破房昭西水寨。道衍语成祖:“毋下城邑,疾趋京师。京师单弱,势必举。”从之。遂连败诸将于淝河、灵璧,渡江入京师。 成祖即帝位,授道衍僧录司左善世。帝在籓邸,所接皆武人,独道衍定策起兵。及帝转战山东、河北,在军三年,或旋或否,战守机事皆决于道衍。道衍未尝临战阵,然帝用兵有天下,道衍力为多,论功以为第一。永乐二年四月,拜资善大夫、太子少师。复其姓,赐名广孝,赠祖父如其官。帝与语,呼少师而不名。命蓄发,不肯。赐第及两宫人,皆不受。常居僧寺,冠带而朝,退仍缁衣。。出振苏、湖。至长洲,以所赐金帛散宗族乡人。重修《太祖实录》,广孝为监修。又与解缙等纂修《永乐大典》。书成,帝褒美之。帝往来两都、出塞北征,广孝皆留辅太子于南京。五年四月,皇长孙出阁就学,广孝侍说书。 十六年三月,入观,年八十有四矣,病甚,不能朝,仍居庆寿寺。车驾临视者再,语甚欢,赐以金睡壶


一 胡惟庸 十三年春正月戊戌,左丞相胡惟庸谋反,及其党御史大夫陈宁、中丞涂节等伏诛。癸卯,大祀天地于南郊。罢中书省,废丞相等官,更定六部官秩,改大都督府为中、左、右、前、后五军都督府。 二 蓝玉 二十六年二月,锦衣卫指挥蒋瓛告玉谋反,下吏鞫讯。狱辞云:“玉同景川侯曹震、鹤庆侯张翼、舳舻侯硃寿、东莞伯何荣及吏部尚书詹徽、户部侍郎傅友文等谋为变,将伺帝出耤田举事。”狱具,族诛之。列侯以下坐党夷灭者不可胜数。手诏布告天下,条列爰书为《逆臣录》。至九月,乃下诏曰:“蓝贼为乱,谋泄,族诛者万五千人。自今胡党、蓝党概赦不问。”胡谓丞相惟庸也。于是元功宿将相继尽矣。凡列名《逆臣录》者,一公、十三侯、二伯。叶升前坐事诛,胡玉等诸小侯皆别见。其曹震、张翼、张温、陈桓、硃寿、曹兴六侯,附著左方。 三 空印 郑士利,字好义,宁海人。兄士元,刚直有才学,由进士历官湖广按察使佥事。荆、襄卒乘乱掠妇女,吏不敢问,士元立言于将领,还所掠。安陆有冤狱,御史台已谳上,士元奏其冤,得白。会考校钱谷册书,空印事觉。凡主印者论死,佐贰以下榜一百,戍远方。士元亦坐是系狱。时帝方盛怒,以为欺罔,丞相御史莫敢谏。士利叹曰:“上不知,以空印为大罪。诚得人言之,上圣明,宁有不悟?”会星变求言。士利曰:“可矣。”既而读诏:“有假公言私者,罪。”士利曰:“吾所欲言,为天子杀无罪者耳。吾兄非主印者,固当出。需吾兄杖出乃言,即死不恨。” 士元出,士利乃为书数千言,言数事,而于空印事尤详。曰:“陛下欲深罪空印者,恐奸吏得挟空印纸,为文移以虐民耳。夫文移必完印乃可。今考较书策,乃合两缝印,非一印一纸比。纵得之,亦不能行,况不可得乎?钱谷之数,府必合省,省必合部,数难悬决,至部乃定。省府去部远者六七千里,近亦三四千里,册成而后用印,往返非期年不可。以故先印而后书。此权宜之务,所从来久,何足深罪?且国家立法,必先明示天下而后罪犯法者,以其故犯也。自立国至今,未尝有空印之律。有司相承,不知其罪。今一旦诛之,何以使受诛者无词?朝廷求贤士,置庶位,得之甚难。位至郡守,皆数十年所成就。通达廉明之士,非如草菅然,可刈而复生也。陛下奈何以不足罪之罪,而坏足用之材乎?臣窃为陛下惜之。”书成,闭门逆旅泣数日。兄子问曰:“叔何所苦?”士利曰:“吾有书欲上,触天子怒,必受祸。然杀我,生数百人,我何所恨!”遂入奏。帝览书,大怒,下丞相御史杂问