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Selling a car in Singapore

After one and half year of driving, I am selling my car. I bought it at 53K on July 2005. It has 30,000km mileage now. This model currently is sold around 49K for new car. To sell a car, usually you can post the ads on community board, newspaper, or website. Basically in this way you are devoted a certain amount of energy to communicate with potential buyer, test drive, and bargain. I post my ads on . Only my buyer called me, asking if I can provide loan service for this car, apparently he thought I am car dealer. Other callers are all dealers. The offer is between 30K and 35K. Another way is selling it to a dealer. You get less but sell the car quick. The third way is selling it to Singapore government. So called car scrap. Government return your unused COE, tax and car body value in paper. You probably get the idea on body value part from the name "scrap". You can use this paper value to offset next car price, or get cash through a car deal