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five zang organs and six fu (hollow) organs (五脏六腑) in chinese traditional medicine

five zang organs - heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney six fu organs - gall baldder, stomach, small intestin, large intestin, urinary blader, and sanjiao I read an interesting book recently - user's manual of our body (人体使用手册). I can't say the what the author said is totally correct, but it is a whole new perspective, such as why we get cold, what we should do about it, and how to treat our body responsibly. read more about this book

Buy branded clothes online

This line of fine print is interesting. In simple words - if you buy branded stuff online at bargain price, don't expect the stuff is authentic. 我们不想过多纠缠于原单跟单仿单这些已经泛滥而且也无意义的文字游戏中,也从不承诺任何一款衣服是专柜正品,买正品的唯一保险方式就是去正规专柜以正品的价格购买。我们只能保证以我们自己的标准去精选出有品味、正流行、质量优良的衣服,让您可以不用花天价也能穿出最时尚的名堂。如果您相信我们的眼光,我们很欢迎您成为我们长期的朋友,一起去探索最新最有品味的流行时尚;如果您对收到的衣服有疑义,您也还有无理由退换的权利。

trip to zhujiajiao

zhujiajiao is located 30km west of shanghai hongqiao airport. it is a famous ancient town on the water. zhujiajiao was once the busiest rice trading hub and marketplace around dynasty of ming and qing. we ride a cab from longyang road, which is the meglav stop from shanghai pudong airport. the fare is around 200cny, and the trip takes about just an hour. once arrived, the entry ticket is 10cny. we rent a tricylce for 20cny. zhujiaojiao is a small town for tourists. the tricycle trip is just about 20 minutes. if the weather is good, walking is better than taking this tricycle since the street is narrow and crowded, with tons of shops on both sides. when we arrived fangsheng bridge, we took a boat for 60cny. it is the best part. siting on the boat, feeling the breeze on your face, and hearing the sound of paddel, time stopped. back with taxi, from zhujiajiao to xujiahui (the modern shopping center), the fare is 150cny. what for lunch? kfc is in zhujiajiao

The story about electrolux jessica

it began with a white old man's china trip. apparently he made some good female friends on the trip. some were so close that they took some intimate photos in the hotel. the man put all these trip photos on pbase, some private ones are password protected. unfortunately the password is weak - the girl's name. one of them get a little publicity and recognized. the girl is jessica working as electrolux china ceo admin staff. eventually her purity side and lusty side are all exposed to top bbs sites. see the top search rank from both google and baidu


Bought this book at The cartoon book is about a poor man, ass kicked, wallet laundried by his wife and mother-in-law. At first several pages it looks fun. Soon it gets boring for the same topic repeating page by page.


最近国内点评古书的火啊。列几个,于丹,易中天,当年明月。于丹的书看了一本《论语》,没什么意思。易中天的《品三国》和当年明月的《明朝那些事儿》就好看得多了。能把历史写得这么有意思,真的不容易。First, you need sit down to read those boring book. 文言文写的,读多了人会像古书一样,说话都透着一股之乎者也地味道。Same thing to other cases. 读圣经多了的人,喜欢引用Bible的章节。读马恩列斯毛的书多了,喜欢张嘴闭嘴用一下三个代表。肚子有货,但是讲出来没人喜欢听。易中天,当年明月的成功,就是他们把肚子里的货像讲故事一样娓娓道来。牛。更牛的是当年明月,竟然是公务员,不是学历史的,公务员闲啊。


看了一本现代版的旅游书里大大推荐了这个小吃街,兴冲冲的打车去了。到了就知道上当了。一条小街,一个字形容, 脏。两边的餐馆是不少,上档次的没几个。鲜得来的年糕排骨还马马虎虎可以,那个著名的小绍兴白斩鸡,难吃死了。估计以前是准备把这里塑造成一个特色街,可惜两边的餐馆不争气。渐渐就寥落了。