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JMS API core interface

googled image.

Designated Hitter

Basically, the DH is a player, used to bat instead of the pitcher. The rationale being that pitchers are usually weak hitters, so having another bat in the lineup would strengthen the offense. The DH offers American League managers 2 options in setting their teams' lineups: 1) they can either rotate the role among players (e.g., using a left-handed hitting DH against a right-handed pitcher and vice-versa) or 2) they can employ a full-time DH. During the World Series, the DH is employed when the team begins a plays in an American League park. This October, the DH will be employed during Games 3-5 in Texas. The pitchers will have to bat for themselves when playing in San Francisco, Games 1-2 and 6-7.

$20bln, wow

Apple 'thrilled' as quarterly profits jump 70% Apple declared itself "thrilled" as its quarterly profits leapt by 70% to $4.31bn and its revenues by 66% to $20.34bn as it sold 14.1m iPhones, up 91%, and 4.19m iPads. Last night I was watching my iphone screen, and amazed by the iOS rendering technologies, not only the very intuitive Aqua UI, the fonts are in 3D if you view the screen from different angels. It is just as cool as the UI on the Powerbook.

sunrise and sunset

  this is the scene imprinted in my mind - a cool dawn, or a cozy dusk with fresh air, crystal sky and bright sunlight

one million at expo

there are over one million visitors in world expo on 10/16. it sets the new record for world expo. i am not sure what they are up to. i was there on 10/11, it was already half million. the waiting line for many popular pavilions are over 4 hours, it was not fun at all. so we just ate lunch as spanish restaurant, bought some gifts in korean store, and left. for one million visitors, i guess all you can do is watching the magnificent scene of people mountain and people sea. p.s. i search the related news in google. it seems really an old fashion expo that nobody cares.

iCon Steve Jobs

I am reading the biography book of iCon Steve Jobs. A man with strong characters. The overall tones of the authors seem not that fond of him though. There are men behind the scene, unintentionally or intentionally, overshadowed by dazzling Steve. To name a few: Jef Raskin , the Macintosh project lead and who named the computer as Macintosh. Alvy Ray Smith , the founder of Pixar, and who named the company as Pixar, now is totally lost trace in Pixar official site.

Big Mac Index

the currency exchange rate between cny and usd is hot topic. to appreciate the purchasing power, big mac index can be considered, since most folks spends in the same country where he earns. right now, the big max index between usd and cny is 1:3.483.

Nobel Prize

Recently the China local channels are closely following the news about Nobel Prize winners. For the news of Nobel Physics Prize, reporters say Chinese scholars also made great contributions in that area. For the news of Nobel Chemistry Prize, reporters say those Japanese also have some ties with China, even one of them was born in Northeastern China in 1935. Hmm...we all know what happened in 1935 and the following WWII. What a shame! As reporters are seeking the relationships of these Nobel Prize winners with China, this news comes in. China livid as dissident Liu wins Nobel Peace Prize.

fish tank (2)

same tank , but brushed and redecorated.

buddha iphone wallpaper

taken by iphone, and used as my iphone wallpaper.