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6月27日6时左右,上海闵行区莲花南路罗阳路口一幢13层在建商品楼发生倒塌事故。 坏消息总有好的一面:幸亏这是一幢没有入住的楼盘,否则就不是只死一个人了。幸亏楼间距比较宽,否则就是超级多米诺骨牌。 blocked in china

I don't know what happened for Kaifu and Google China. He was on a China Mobile 3G ads with several other IT celebrities to prompt 3G several weeks ago. And there was hot news about damn Green Dam. From nowhere, CCTV criticized Google as a searching provider for porn, twice! Since last night, is blocked in China. Baidu never works well for info outside China. Now is blocked. That's just absurd.

condos in zhangjiang

A traffic mess

I left for work this morning around 7:30AM, and arrived at office at 8:45AM. It cost me 40 CNY . Shit! Normally it is a less-than-half-hour ride, costs around 24 CNY . This is what happening, in the name of massive Economic stimulation plan, and City Expo 2010. All the major roads in Shanghai are under construction or reconstruction. The business along the roads is hit badly because the roads are locked down and digged upside down. The restaurants posts huge posters crying out loud business as usual . Traffic will be this mess until the merry City Expo opens. This is the problem related to the culture, they just can't lose. Whatever it is, whatever it takes, it will be the most successful event, the biggest, the tallest, the largest.


This site is hosting a very intriguing contest. When you view those photos, you might get strange feelings. Why? Because normal human being thought beautiful thing never fades away, but it does.

a puppy

Install XP on a HP Pavilion DV2-1105AX laptop

Normally I will downgrade preloaded Vista to XP, for better and wider software selections. It is straightforward for Dell. It always comes with the utility CD, including all the drivers for popular OS (2000, XP, and Vista). Based on this expectation, I thought to install XP on a HP Pavilion DV2-1105AX laptop is just as simple as that. I was wrong. After XP is installed, the poor thing can't find the drivers for network, sound, video and whole bunch of other cards. The laptop doesn't come with any companion CDs. If you don't have network access, you are stucked. First thing, I need locate the driver for network card. And after some googlings, I realize there are some work. I looked for drivers at HP official site, and found nothing. It only supports for Vista. After extensive tryings, I finally got almost all working, except the video card, which is now just in Windows generic driver. Here is the list. 1. BIOS flush. It mentioned somewhere, and not necessary. 2. Chipse

Mandatory filter software installed

"Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) on Tuesday announced that all computers produced or sold in China after July 1 would be installed with the software package combining Green Dam and Minor Escort programs." Now my question is, who made this software? how well it is tested (potential Trojan horse)? how it works (smart enough to scan and recognize image, and block if the software detects reproduction system?). If we uninstall this software, can we be porn-safe? Followup, post an evaluation report




先来看妄语定义。所谓妄语,未见言见,见言不见,虚伪夸张,藉辞掩饰,皆为妄语。 再看bullshit的定义。 In his essay On Bullshit (originally written in 1986, and published as a monograph in 2005), philosopher Harry Frankfurt of Princeton University characterizes bullshit as a form of falsehood distinct from lying. The liar, Frankfurt holds, knows and cares about the truth, but deliberately sets out to mislead instead of telling the truth. The "bullshitter", on the other hand, does not care about the truth and is only seeking to impress : “It is impossible for someone to lie unless he thinks he knows the truth. Producing bullshit requires no such conviction. A person who lies is thereby responding to the truth, and he is to that extent respectful of it. When an honest man speaks, he says only what he believes to be true; and for the liar, it is correspondingly indispensable that he considers his statements to be false. For the bullshitter, however, all these bets are off: he is neither on the side of the true nor on the side


1. 央视著名主持人罗京同志逝世. 罗京同志的遗嘱中提到, 他此生从未报道过一条负面 新闻, 作为一个新闻工作者他"有些"遗憾. 2. 一架法航客机在从巴西飞往法国途中在远离百慕大三角的海域神秘消失. 在震惊世人 的同时, 这次事故也为最近在韩国和中美洲各国之间展开的"百慕大三角"联合国世界文 化遗产申请之争增添了一个新的不确定因素. 3. 美财长盖特纳访华并在北大发表演讲. 在回答一个北大同学的问题"您到底是希望中 国继续买美国国债同时让美元贬值以使美国少还钱还是希望中国少买美国国债同时让人 民币升值以使美国少借钱?"时, 盖先生用标准的北京话回答说"不折腾". 在显示其20年 前在北京学习普通话时打下的扎实的北京话功底的同时, 盖特纳继胡总书记之后再一次 难倒试图翻译的国际媒体. 4. 尽管被起了洋名字, 猪流感仍然继续蔓延. 因此, 我国猪肉食用量持续下滑已到达建 国以来最低. 由于生猪的饲料中存在大量兴奋剂和添加剂, 长期食用猪肉的人民群众长期 处于一种无名兴奋的状态(对此有怀疑的读者请查阅"奥运猪"相关资料). 因此, 此次的猪 肉消耗量的下降在很大程度上结束或减少了人民群众的兴奋状态. 最新统计资料表明, 2009年5月对比去年同期, 交通事故率下降18.4%. 刑事犯罪率下降22.3%, 抢道, 超速, 违章停车, 打架斗殴, 聚众滋事等不和谐现象发生率下降50%以上. 这种"兴奋"状态的消失, 也在确立这一些新秩序. 据我国"体育之乡"广西省体育局王局 长介绍, 自猪流感导致猪肉被剔除出省队食谱以来, 该省运动员再无打破省级以上体育 纪录. CBA篮球联赛发言人宋女士称, CBA近期比赛灌篮减少34.2%也疑似猪流感影响而并 非某些媒体炒作的"打假球". 西安市鼓楼区公安分局谢局长称, 在往年的街头斗殴中, 汉族人民和回族人民交手的胜率约为63.2%, 可最近已经下滑到49.8%. 与此同时, 养猪的农民群众正在遭受着金融危机, 不再兴奋和猪肉滞销3重打击. 据在上 海浦东机场外静坐的刘先生称, 作为一个养猪大户, 他希望留学生能被强制在国外度过 暑假. 我们会针对"猪流感


剧作家沙叶新概括《新闻联播》内容为: “ 会议没有不隆重的,闭幕没有不胜利的; 讲话没有不重要的,鼓掌没有不热烈的; 决议没有不通过的,人心没有不振奋的; 接见没有不亲自的,看望没有不亲切的; 班子没有不团结的,群众没有不满意的; 效率没有不显著的,成就没有不巨大的; 抗洪没有不英勇的,抢救没有不及时的; 美国没有不友好的,前总统没有不是老朋友的…… 这些八股有多少真实性?恐怕记者们自己也不信。” 网络流传归纳总结新闻联播的内容是“前十多分钟说中央领导都很忙,中间十多分钟说中国人民很幸福,后面几分种说外国人民生活在水深火热之中”。



butterfly specimen

is it beautiful? think twice. what about 11 cats, what about 11 human bodies?

Picture of the Year 2008

Some are breathtaking.

Hummer might be another deluted brand

"DETROIT/NEW YORK (Reuters) - General Motors Corp said on Tuesday it reached a tentative deal to sell its Hummer brand to a privately held Chinese heavy machinery maker, part of an effort to drop four unprofitable vehicle lines and leave bankruptcy as a leaner company." There was a bid deal of IBM Thinkpad notebook by Lenovo . It was hot then, and still warm until now largely due to psychological pain. Now another icon of proud American made is grabbed by China. It is not a good deal for both sides. A gas guzzler with high brand value, bought by an unknown manufacture across the ocean, what's for? A gas guzzler with low brand value == dead meat. I even heard my US colleagues made fun about it today, bitterly.

佛教的空间观 -- 三千世界

一個「中千世界」,即是由一千個「小千世界」所構成,而一個「大千世界」,即是由一千個「中千世界」所構成。所以「三千大千世界」並不是指「有三千個大千世界」,反而是指一個「大千世界」,且其中包含了大千、中千與小千,或者也可以說是「一千個中千世界」,或「一百萬個小千世界」。 而一個三千大千世界(簡稱:大千世界或三千世界)也就是一個佛土、佛國,同時這一個佛土、佛國內會有一個佛來負責教導與管理工作。 六道轮回 - 天,人,阿修罗,恶鬼,畜生,地狱。 佛教的天界由低到高包含三個大層次,二十八個小層:欲界天:生於此界的均有色身(肉身),亦有男女飲食之欲。色界天:生於此界的均有色身,但無男女飲食之欲。无色界天:生於此界的均無色身,只存神識。

佛教的时间观 -- 劫

佛经中所说的劫,分为三等: 第一、小劫:依我们地球的人寿计算,从人类八万四千岁的长寿,每一百年减短一岁,减至人类的寿命仅有十岁时,称为减劫;再从十岁,每一百年增加一岁,又增加到人寿八万四千岁,称为增劫。如此一减一增的时间过程,总称为一小劫。 第二、中劫:经过二十个小劫,称为一个中劫。因为,据佛典中说,我们所处的地球,共分‘成、住、坏、空’的四大阶段,每一阶段的时间过程,均为二十个小劫,在这四大阶段中,唯有‘住’的阶段,可以供人类生存。初‘成’的阶段是由气体而液体。再由液体而凝固,所以不堪人类的生活。到了‘坏’的阶段,正在剧烈的破坏之中,也不适合人类的生存;据说是经过四十九次大火灾,七次大水灾,一次大风灾之后,地球便归消失。坏劫终了,‘空’劫开始,在空无一物中再经过二十小劫,另一新的地球便又逐渐形成,进入另一期的‘成’的阶段。佛教把这成、住、坏、空的四大阶段,称为四个中劫,分别称为成劫、住劫、坏劫、空劫。 第三、大劫:经过成、住、坏、空的四个中劫,便是一个大劫;换句话说,地球世界的一生一灭,便是一个大劫。然而,坏劫中的每一次大火灾,可从无间地狱,一直烧到色界的初禅天;每一次大水灾,可从无间地狱,一直淹到色界的二禅天;最后一次大风灾,可从无间地狱一直吹到色界的三禅天。也就是说,每一次大劫的范围,除了色界的第四禅天及无色界的四空天,三界之内的动植飞潜,一切万物都是在劫难逃。不过,不用悲哀,当坏劫来临,此界的众生,或者已转生他界,或者已直升第四禅天,不会有一个众生没有安身之处。