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Showing posts from May, 2007

shanghai circus city(上海马戏城)

shanghai circus city, a fun place for kids. to go there by subway, take metro line one, and alight at shanghai circus city station. by car, take inner circle highway north bound, and you won't miss it. the complex shows its unfulfilled ambitious. lots of stores are under rehab and renovation. the circus show is wonderful. ticket price is 150, 120, or 80 cny. don't consider 80 if you want a good view. the show lasts almost 2 hours, with 10 minutes break. clowns, dogs, horses, sea lions, tigers, lions, everyone is happy under that roof.

changning park(长宁公园)

the park is located nearby shanghai circus city. the entry ticket is just 2 cny. good deal for such a relaxing and peaceful place. quite a few new-weds are there taking photos. hate to say it, but one exciting bride's nipple pops up from her gown, and nobody related notice it. it is tricky situation, not everyone in the park is the right person to remind her.

pudong century park

the ticket price is 10cny normally. during may golden week holiday, it hosts an international muscial fair, the ticket is 50cny. fresh air, open view, not too much to see though. to get there, take metro line 2 and get off at century park station.

shanghai ocean aquarium

the aquarium is the biggest one i have seen, got the full collection of marine animals except whales. it has the longest underwater tube in the world. the ticket is 120cny for adults, and 80 for kids. to get there, take metro line 2 and alight at lujiazui station. singapore has one in sentosa island. it is way behind this one. the best in the world is still the san diego seaworld. the shamu rocks.