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Firefox 3 RC1

Just installed Firefox 3 RC1. Finally the huge toolbar icon size problem is fixed on big DPI setting PC. The performance and resource are pretty. The URL AutoComplete is neat.

deposit a check

We received a check from US Citibank. Since we have a joint account there, the check has both of our names on it. To deposit it, I went to China Merchandise Bank. I was told they can't take this check since I don't have joint account in local, even if they can take it, the fee is about 300CNY. I was advised to go to Citibank Shanghai branch. The fee there is much more higher, about 700CNY, even it is the same Citibank. To deposit this check in Citibank Shanghai branch, I need to open a joint account there first, which must have initial 80K CNY balance on it. Again, I was told to try other China banks. I went to Bank of China. They take the check, it doesn't matter for them if it is joint account or not, and the fee is about 60CNY. The service is way too different bank to bank. Bank of China is the big brother bank in foreign currency exchange. The bank has some services other banks just can't compete.

one ads before the earthquake

it is one picture saying the event is as huge as 8 magnitude earthquake impacts. you know what, I believe around that time, the rumor about earthquake is surrounding in s ichuan, so the idea of this ads comes up.

Fatal accident in Shanghai TianLin Primary School

The accident was overshadowed by the earthquake, but it hits the family as hard as the 8 earthquake. Based on the blog, a grade 5 girl was found dead falling from school building. I tend to believe it is suicide case, and the teacher was harsh but not expecting this for sure. The ugly part is what happened afterwards. No party wants to take the responsibility, and shows only cold and stiff to the kid's family. This is the blog

Study Warned of China Quake Risk Nearly a Year Ago "The faults are sufficiently long to sustain a strong ground-shaking earthquake, making them potentially serious sources of regional seismic hazard," the Chinese, European, and U.S. geoscientists wrote in the mid-July 2007 edition of the journal Tectonics. They concluded that clashing tectonic forces were growing in Beichuan, ready to burst in an explosion of seismic energy. With precision and what now seems like eerie foresight, the researchers charted the active faults on multicolored maps of Beichuan , which turned out to be the epicenter of the recent earthquake.


很多回国的人都会抱怨国内人现在很浮躁,戾气重,人与人之间关系冷漠,会为了一些蝇头小利而相互算计。好像平时大家也就是这样生活着。但是历经大劫难的时候, 中华民族会自发的从一盘散沙汇聚成一股滚滚洪流,共赴国难。这就是我们中国人。越是在逆境的压迫下就越是坚韧。这就是为什么在一些外国人甚至国人自己眼中充满了各种各样劣根性的,但是依然生生不息的中华民族。我为自己是中国人而骄傲。

3-day national mourning

From May 19 to May 21, China is in 3-day national mourning for the earthquake victims. All big bosses are now showing up in news -- Hu and Wen in Sichuan , Jinping Xi in Shannxi , and Keqiang Li in Sichuan . It also sends out the message who could be the next generation national leaders. Jinping Xi's father is Zhongxun Xi, who is rooted in Shannxi and big guy for CCP .

Dental care in Shanghai

Got toothache last weekend. So I went to PuDong Oriental Hospital on Saturday morning around 8AM. I was lucky to get the queue number and was told to come back in this afternoon, since there were already many patients in the queue. I came back in the afternoon, waited another 3 hours, and saw the doctor. The doctor checked a little bit, and said since the pain is there, it is hard to tell now which one is bad. She told me to go home until the pain is clear and easy to pinpoint. Next Monday, it hurts again and I know myself which teeth hurts. I went back to PuDong Oriental Hospital in the afternoon. This time I got queue number 242. It means there are 240 patients ahead of me in the same day to be processed! Waited another 3 hours, and I gave up. I decide to try some private dental clinic tomorrow. I called Angels Dental Clinic located on the PuDong Blvd to make the reservation, came there without waiting. The doctors and nurses look professional. After 1 hour, it is done. So why

earthquake felt in shanghai

Because of toothache, I was waiting in the hospital nearby LuJiaZui CBD area. Around 2:30PM, I went out to buy a drink, and suddenly saw so many peoples around. They all looked excited and anxious, chatting with each other about building, cell phone. I didn't feel anything at that moment , just thought some office building caught fire and people got evacuated? It turns out to be one of strongest earthquake happened in Sichuan , even Shanghai felt about it.


五一放假最后一天, 闲得没事,去小区门口的申之春作了个精油开背。一百多块,小姑娘在背上用精油揉了一通。揉完还是比较舒服的,觉得背很轻松。 -- 精油开背是从中医传统演绎而来的排毒醒肤与芳香精油相结合的美容方法。通过经络按摩,配合使用美体芳香精油,能舒经活络,畅通血脉,促进血液循环,活络筋骨,安抚调节情绪,舒解压力,消除疲劳,帮助睡眠,紧实皮肤,恢复弹性。再加上经特殊处理过的荞麦,附于相应部位从而达到除湿驱寒,改善睡眠的作用。 精油开背能深层渗透皮肤,疏通精络,减压,放松,更能起到理疗作用,正所谓“痛都不通,通都不痛”,脊椎更是人体的反射区,人体的五脏六腑都能反映在上面的特点:使用中医传统推拿手法疗法,来加强体内毒素排除并使养分正常输送使人体的病理变化恢复正常,而直接加强五脏六腑的背部,腰臀部反射点,并配合了芳香自然疗法来帮助改善身体的各种病症,同时也加强了自身的免疫力。它能马上消除疲劳,改善亚健康状态。

May 1st long weekend

After several years of tourist attractions damage during week-long golden May holiday, this May 1st holiday is shorten to long weekend. It was hot and humid. We decided to visit JinJiang Amusement Park. It turned out to be a long trip. The skyway was packed with cars. After crawling slowly in the hot expressway, the first cab broke down in the middle of it. We had to get off the expressway, and took another cab. As the cab went along, the traffic got worse and worse. And finally reached the point as packing lane. So we decided to get off the expressway as the next exit. Finally we arrived the subway, after 4 stops, we arrived at the park. The ticket windows were all open, each had about couple of hundreds of guys in the line. Once in the park, it was the same. Each ride had hundreds of guys waiting under the sun. The waiting time was about 1.5 hours. We didn't take any ride finally, and played some games and went back home.