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How to force the Cisco AnyConnect reinstallation

If you have CIsco AnyConnect installed before, but not uninstalled properly (Click Uninstall AnyConenct under Application -> Cisco to uninstall properly), you might have trouble to install again. It complains it is installed already. To trick the system, you can run the following commands depending on the modules installed before. sudo pkgutil --forget sudo pkgutil --forget  sudo pkgutil --forget  sudo pkgutil --forget sudo pkgutil --forget  sudo pkgutil --forget  sudo pkgutil --forget sudo pkgutil --forget sudo

From El Capitan to High Sierra

You can't find the High Sierra in App Store, and it is hidden from your purchased history on purpose by Apple. You can, however, open this link in Safari to download the High Sierra. High Sierra - Direct download link from the App Store

Stuck on Mac OS X El Capitan upgrade?

I have an old Macbook Air (2011) in dust. After command+R to reinstall the OS. OS X Lion (10.7) is installed. The version is too old and not compatible with many applications. I need further upgrade the OS.  In App Store, I saw OS X El Capitan (10.11) in my purchased tab. Downloaded and started the upgrade with the following errors. Hmm... "OS X could not be installed on your computer. No packages were eligible for install" Find the solution online. Since it is an old OS version, Apple has a check to prevent the installation if your computer's system time is much newer, like 2020. To bypass 1. Restart and enter recovery mode with command + R 2. Open terminal, and set the date to an old one, such as date -u 1010101015 (meaning Oct 10, 10:10AM, 2015). Disable network wifi if necessary to prevent date gets updated. 3. Click Reinstall macOS  . I can't remember the exact steps after step 2 -- did I restart the Macbook after step 2 or take this step 3? So please try restart



The Yellow Sea

A twisted and bloody hitman story - a troubled Chinese yanbian minority guy goes for a one-way trip to Seoul to kill a man, so he can pay out his debt and find his wife. The plan goes way out of control, and becomes a dog fight. 

Final Result Unreleased

During the application of one of the China universities, after some status such as "Submitted", "Under Review", "Pass the Preliminary Review", it was updated with a status called "Final Result Unreleased". The waiting of final result was suffering. As I googled around, some say it is a status with uncertaincy - the final result could be rejected or accepted. some say it is a good sign - the overall academic review is passed. The applicant is under final review of scholarship. I got so confused and worried, and actually called the university. The teacher replied that "Final Result Unreleased" generally means so far so good, just wait for the final decision, but, but, ... she couldn't guarantee anything about it. So after the call, I was still worried. It turned out to be a good sign :) 

New Regulation of China College Application for International Student

A new regulation was announced on June 2nd, 2020 by MOE China. The new rule mainly targets the student who was borned in a foreign country with bornright citizenship, but takes entire high school studies in mainland China. Under the new regulation, such student is not qualified for China university application as an internaltiona student anymore. He/she has to spend at least 2 years outside of China out of 4 years duration upon the application. The regulation will be in effect on Jan 1st, 2021. Please refer to the source at