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satellite expo site@german centre

german centre welcomed world expo by building a satellite site at office campus. the lawn was wiped out with a couple of weird shaped pavilions. after a couple of months' construction, the opening ceremony was held on early may. unfortunately, german centre is located far away from world expo site. it is just a vain effort without visitors.

Cable goes to HD

In Pudong District, the cable TV is upgrading to digital, and even further, to HD and interactive TV. The upgrade is mandatory, or otherwise you can watch only 6 channels. The subscribe fee is the same, and each household can get 2 digital set-top boxes for free now. To watch HD TV, you need pay extra CNY50 to get another HD set-top box, and the subscribe fee is CNY35 a month. It is worth every penny. The HD video quality is just as good as the HDMI DVD.


必应貌似和114签了什么协议,所以在国内搜索,有时候会以DNS不能解析为由转到这个流氓网站。好在只有IE这样,Firefox和Chrome还没被污染。要取消这项“服务”,需要禁止服务Services里的DNS Client,把自动改为手动。

Pudong viewed from SWFC Floor 100 Observation Deck

i like the colorful roof topping, which reminds me some games.

expo china pavillion

masterpiece of pyramid shape upside down.

expo china pavillion by lego