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Install Windows XP and Redhat 7.1 Dual Boot on Dell Dimension 4300

1. Partition. The Dell Dimension 4300 comes with a whole C:. Even if you just want to use Windows system, it is a bad idea to put everything in one logical disk. You can use some partition tools to partition hard disk while keeping all the installed software, such as PowerQuest's PartitionMagic or Paragon's Partition Commander . I like to install everything from scratch. I prefer to use fdisk tools coming with Redhat than FDISK with DOS boot disk. Enter the BIOS setup by click F2, and change the boot sequence, such as first boot from Floppy Disk, second boot from CD-ROM and third boot from Hard Disk. Put Redhat 7,1 CD1 into CD-ROM and restart PC. Follow the Redhat 7.1 Installation step-to-step until it comes the step to partition the disk, you should choose fdisk to partition the hard disk. Click the hard disk to partition. Hints: 'm' for help, 'p' to display current disk