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Perfume, the story of a murderer

From the movie artwork, I was thinking it is just another romantic European love story. How perfume and killer are related? Interesting title. This movie turns out to be a bloody serial killer story, and also a story about the greatest and most talent perfume inventor in history. The movie is aweful long, about 2 and a half hours. The casts are powerful. The illusion is sensational and stunting.



yourtube video clip about google rules the world

internet really changes people, just think whoever put so much efforts to make this clip, to elaborate his view. The power of mass, eventually no power for everyone. there are so many blogs and wikies around you, how many can you reach? to increase your blog click rate, in china, the best way is to expose your own or other celebrities's privacy.

Southern California grocery workers strike again?

Saw it on google news, I was amazed by the powerful union there. If the union is okay on strike, grocery clerks and workers can strike legally with 1/3 pay. Last time I was living there, I experienced once. I didn't expect that strike can last over months. The friendly clerks you met everyday during grocery shopping are all out, standing around the store with all kinds of strike sign. The store hired some temps as backup. You can still go shopping there, but feel no right as shopping there is not supportive for those strikers. Cars passing by honk to show their support. Weeks by weeks, stuff on store shelves are sold, and no new delivery filled in, the store never looks so empty. Both sides are in tough situation, no customers, and stickers are on the edge of living with such minimal strike pay, finally store and union need to compromise a deal to end it. This is definitely a whole new experience for people coming from socialism country, where worker unions suppose to be more p

Cars owned and rented

So far, I have bought Chevy Celebrity, Mazda 323 Protégé, Mazda 626, and Hyundai Matrix, rented Ford Focus, Dodge Neon, Pontiac G6, Dodge Caravan, and some others in other countries. Now, the first car to buy in China, Chevy Lova? Chevy Epica? Honda Fit? Buick Excelle? VW Polo?

Car n Drive 2007 Ten Best Cars

BMW 3-Series    Chevrolet Corvette      Chrysler 300C   Honda Accord    Honda Fit       Infiniti G35 Sedan      Mazda MX-5 Miata        Mazdaspeed3     Porsche Boxster / Cayman        Volkswagen GTI 

When is the best time to buy a car in China?

The only news about car in China is price drop. Can price drop bring more sales? Hard to say. It actually makes current car owners disappointed and planned buyers unassured. The reason is in current China car market, there are still lots of price space to squeeze. Same make, same model, the car price in China is usually 50% higher than US market, and don't forget this - usually the parts under the hood is at least one generation older than US market.

Slavery now?!

The news sounds astonishing, but not really. The slavery comes along very well with fast and bloody original capital accumulation. To make it fast, pay less to workers are never better than pay nothing to them. It happens thousands of years ago, hundreds of years ago, and happens again now when there is a need. How sad for those slaves. China strikes at root of brick kiln slavery scandal


最近因为刘德华大哥的经纪人拒绝'同一首歌',被孟导鄙视的新闻,'同一首歌'的运作成了焦点。赫赫,看到了相关新闻,宝鸡也被提到了。 知情人说:"最后有一个人告诉宝鸡'同一首歌'明确的报价:700万元。这超出了宝鸡市'不超过550万元'的预算。在北京的官员跟宝鸡方面领导汇报后,得到肯定的回应,'已经到这一步了,不在乎多150万元'。" "一般演出的成本基本上包括三个部分:演员,舞美,灯光。但'同一首歌'的成本里还包含了很重要的一块是播出费用。"丁力说,最后支付给"同一首歌"的接近700万元演出报酬里,演员费用200多万元,播出费用 160万到170万元,其他还有一部分制作费。这和孟欣在今年接受某媒体采访时对"同一首歌"所得报酬构成的分析大不相同,她曾说:"其实我们80%的费用都是演员的出场费,10%是制作费,10%用在录像、吃住上。"事实上,"吃住"当然全由地方政府买单。筹办小组被通知7月25日可以坐下来跟"同一首歌"的一名制片主任谈论实质性合作了,丁力感叹说:"终于见真神了。"

to buy a tax exempt car in china

There is beneficial policy for oversea scholars to buy car after settle back home, which includes car price discount, purchase tax exemption. To really enjoy this one, it is not easy. See the flow on this website . You need go back China within 2 years after graduation, and buy car under this category within the first six months. Just look at all these documents to prepare, and places to go. Also you need to consider where you register the car plate. For Shanghai plate, it costs over 40K CNY. Under this category, you may face certain constraints to register your car under certain city. I am sure. Overall, damn, for a 100K CNY, not worthy it.

Free Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

The movie ticket in China costs 80 CNY for weekend. It is much cheaper during other time slots, such as Monday, Tuesday evenings, about 20, 30CNY. You can also get free ticket through some promotions, such as the current Shanghai International Film Festival. Buy two nobody-want-to-watch movie tickets, get a blockbuster movie ticket for free.

Blocked again is blocked in China as always. and are blocked in China now and then. The censorship system seems triggered by keywords. If your site has those words, your whole site is blocked. The mechanism seems too harsh for Web 2.0 sites, for example, the sites mentioned above. Those sites' contents usually are aggregated by million of internet users. One user posts some sensitive contents. The whole site is blocked even though tons of others are harmless to any party.

ride a motocycle

there are dozens of motorcyclists for hire nearby the metro stations. it is cheaper than taxi, especially for adjacent area, but with bigger safety risk. today i took one from zhangjiang station to german center. the cost is 5 cny. i am sure the price can be bargained. it is far more dangerous than taxi. the motorcyclist doesn't even stop on red light. this is the first time I took it, and will be the last time too.

cable modem broadband

the network in my apartment was terminated on june 1, as i was informed by the landlord. now i need to apply a new one on my own. it is simple. apply through , or just call 96877. the door service was scheduled on next day. for 6 months service, total is 770 cny.