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Add a network printer in Mac Big Sur

  You need know the IP address of that network printer, please check with your IT guy or check the IP addresss if you have it setup already in Windows (shown in Ports tab of Printer properties). In Mac Big Sur, add Printer by providing the IP address. select IPP as protocol. I have a FX DocuCentre-V C2265 PCL 6, so I selected Generic PCL Printer to use. Once printer is added, double click the printer to open up the queue, and print a test paper to verify. If you select Generic PostScript Printer, it could prints dozens of waste.
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Cloud Shell and gcloud

gcloud auth list gcloud config list project gcloud config get-value compute/zone gcloud config get-value compute/region gcloud config list --all gcloud components list gcloud compute instances create gcelab2 --machine-type n1-standard-2 --zone $ZONE gcloud compute ssh gcelab2 --zone $ZONE

GKE Kubernetes Engine

gcloud config set compute/zone us-central1-a gcloud container clusters create [CLUSTER-NAME] gcloud container clusters get-credentials [CLUSTER-NAME] kubectl create deployment hello-server kubectl expose deployment hello-server --type=LoadBalancer --port 8080 kubectl get service gcloud container clusters delete [CLUSTER-NAME]

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The   country's   population  is  becoming   more   and   more   the   Hatfields   and   the   McCoys,  as we  drift   further   and   further  to  the   extremes  of  the   political   spectrum   and   demonize   anyone  on  the   other   side.