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ORA-12705: invalid or unknown NLS parameter value specified

Use sqlplus to connect a remote oracle providing sid is configured in network/admin/tnsname.ora. sqlplus username/password@sid it reports error ORA-12705: invalid or unknown NLS parameter value specified it is caused by NLS_LANG setting. To fix, try the following. set NLS_LANG=american_america.we8iso8859p1 set NLSPATH=NLSPATH=$NLSPATH:/usr/xxx set LANG=en_US

cpu hogged by kvoop.exe?

by default, the files under certain windows folder such as C:\Documents and Settings\%user%\Desktop are encrypted. when you copy it over through network or usb, it will warn you to agree upon decryption. for large files such as video, the decryption somehow fires kvoop.exe process. it can eat up all the cpu based on my observation.

total eclipse

it is one spectacular happens in 500 years. it was sunny until this very day, and it becomes cloudy. I did see the partial eclipse. it looked really like a moon. After that, the cloud totally took over, and I could only observe the sky was getting darker. Around 9:36AM, it totally looked like at 9PM.

Scottish Fold


五月本人参加拍牌,出价2万8千5都没拍中。按照上海拍牌一个月高一个月低得多规律,六月应该会有所降低,而且政府也希望这样逐步缓慢的降低上海车牌价格,所以也增加了投放量。结果六月上海车牌价格又冒了冒。 七月份大家的期望值已经超过了3万,哪有点金融危机的感觉,大家买车买房都疯了。周六继续参加拍牌,突然发现只有8千多人参加,价格也只有区区100。我开始还纳闷怎么大家都精了,等着最后一分钟进场。等到10:59我还是输入100,准备进场,却发现系统报错,不让我进了! 最后是8834个人竞拍8000张牌照。到了11:15,最低价还是100. 这8834个人心理肯定是相当的起伏,有的人沾沾自喜,有的人问应该出多少,大家都觉得要100圆捡便宜了。还没高兴的太久,系统突然提示因为网络问题,本次拍牌活动取消。 牛!这次不玩了。。。下周日再玩。上海的拍牌越来越有意思了。

What were they thinking?

By Jeffrey Pfeffer I am reading this book translated in Chinese version. Most of the time, sadly, it is lost in translation. Sometimes you will see ideas conflicting to each others. I try to guess what the original ideas from the author were, and here they are: It is people, not magic CRM software matters We are one big happy family Don’t blame government, invest on your employee Fail early, fail often, instead of the final big fat bang No more ‘free ride’, you are part of it. Cost cut doesn’t mean pay cut, neither it means revenue increase. You are covered, medical and retirement plan. Feel free for online shopping during office hours. Work hard and smart, but not long hours. Bonus is not necessarily a stimulus, but a compliment. Cut benefits? Think again. Put resume aside. Be bold and ambitious A good leader doesn't need to be plain 'honest' on everything. Spend some time on chit-chat. Be there on the first line. Stop those sweet little lies. 80 percent of success is ju

the world is in what shape?

sounds a simple question, but with no correct answers. the globe is a sphere, so the world is round, and later on, the world gets flatten, and it is flat in the sense of globalization. now after the hits of global finance crisis, it is curved . so what exactly it is? it is nothing, just a planet. it is there now, but will not be there forever. it is in different shapes in different people's world.

Outlook 2007 and Cisco Meetingplace

after upgrading to office 2007, the cisco meetingplace plugin complains the outlook version is too low. sounds a bug. if you take actions to uninstall the meetingplace plugin, you maybe face the problem below - outlook complains with "the form required to view this message cannot be displayed please contact your administrator".man, sounds even worse! to fix it, click tools > options > calendar options > resource scheduling > set permissions > general, make sure when posting to this fold, meetingplace is not the default form used anymore.


soa is about what the service does for you, and how you use it. soa is not about where the service is located, and how it works. soa policies is governed by soa competency center or soa center of excellence. design time policies interoperability discoverability security uniqueness interface compliance data format compliance metrics runtime policies sla auth&auth encryption signature alters and notifications metrics

view from shanghai finance center in a hazy day