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More Principles - Clean Architecture: A Craftsman's Guide to Software Structure and Design, First Edition

REP: Reuse/Release Equivalence Principle, the granule of reuse is the granule of release CCP: Common Closure Principle CRP: Common Reuse Principle, don't force to depend on things they don't need ADP: Acyclic Dependencies Principle, no cycles in the dependency graph SDP: Stable Dependencies Principle, depend in the direction of stability SAP: Stable Abstractions Principle, as abstract as stable


SRP: Single Responsibility Principle, a module should be responsible to one and only one actor OCP: Open-Closed Principle, a software artifact should be open for extension but closed for modification LSP: Liskov Substitution Principle, interchangeable parts adhere to a contract ISP: Interface Segregation Principle, avoid depending on things not use DIP: Dependency Inversion Principle, details should depend on policies