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snow in Shanghai

It was snowing in Shanghai! I was so excited to see the landscape of snow yesterday when I woke up. It wasn't that common now to see snow in winter. In the past 20 years, the winter in China usually is not cold but dry and foggy. Now the snow comes, in an overwhelming way.

subscribe utilities

After moving to new apartment, I opened the following utilities: - Gas, one time service setup fee around 900RMB. This one is the most unreasonable expensive one. I thought it should be free as water and electricity. You pay only what you used, but the whole system buildup cost is government's business. - Landed phone provided by China Telecom, a couple of hundreds yuans. - Cable TV, one time service setup fee around 400 yuans. - Network, there are several providers - China Telecom, China Netcom, and Cable. I use cable modem. 1200 yuans for one year contract.

so long, apple powerbook

After 3 years, my 12" powerbook's battery is totally drained out. the combo drive has a small mechanical problem. To fix this small problem by certified Apple service, the cost is over what I am gonna sold for. I listed it on ( ). Taobao is the most popular online auction site in China. Eachnet or eBay China fall far behind. The secrets of Taobao's success? Move fast for new features. Free service.

Two sci-fi movies

Recently I watched two movies, one is Invasion, and another is I am legend. Both happen to be very similar plotted sci- fi movies. The plot is about by human's own over-developed technological advances, virus conquers human being. Human becomes zombie of virus with sticky and gross appearance and vicious habit. Interesting point is Invasion is failed financially and critically. I am legend is favorited by critics and on top of box office chart. I agree. Nicole has no chemistry with new 007 in the Invasion at all even they two are in love. Will's relationship with dog is better than that.


“上次我上网查资料,突然弹出来一个网页,很黄很暴力,我赶紧把它给关了。”这是13岁的北京小学生张殊凡,在去年12月27日19时新闻联播一则关于净化网络视听的新闻里接受采访时说的话。 笑倒!查什么资料查出个很黄很暴力。


Kids have their own source by exchanging info in the school. I know this because it is my first time heard about this laser robot toy. The official name is Neo Shifter. The price in Toys'R Us is CNY 138. We bought Atlas::Raan. It is 50 pieces assembling blocks. The cool design about it is, the robot can be wrapped up as a ball. In the middle of it is another ball expandable small fighter .


终于交房了. 本来合同上是1月15日, 幸好本人人品好, 12月27日给我的售房小姐打电话, 刚好27日有关系户提前交房, 把我也加了进去. 稀里糊涂的, 啥也不懂, 交了4200多什么筹建费, 物业费之类的, 拿钥匙验房. 大致没啥问题, 小问题也不少. 元旦的四天假就忙这些事了. 花钱如流水, 流水帐记录如下: 12/29,B&Q百安居买窗帘(3200+, 8折)和滑轨(860+), 开通煤气900。通知物业来修下水(厨房和厕所), 打车去好百家看家具. 吃完晚饭又打车去东明家具广场. 结果到了那里已经关门了.不过看周围的环境, 估计里面的家具档次也比较低, 比北蔡家具广场也许好一些. 12/30, 打车去东方路看家具. 看了东兴, 世贸和好百家. 路边有金海马家具的指示牌, 不过店已经搬走了. 龙阳路上本来也有一个金海马, 也倒了. 单凭这两家倒闭的金海马, 我老也对it没啥好印象了. 走的我头晕眼花脚软腿抽筋, 终于在世贸买了床(10635, 7-7.5折), 在好百家买了3+1沙发(3500, 6折). 综合看下来, 觉得世贸比好百家档次高, 世贸好百家比东兴东西全. 然后又去龙阳路苏宁电器看电器, 才发现没有量房间尺寸. 12/31, 煤气公司来安煤气. 量房间, 接着去龙阳路苏宁电器买洗衣机(3280 上排水)和冰箱(1740). 晚上赶着人家关门前又去了世贸, 定了家具, 自然松木的, 打折去零,总共10000. 1/1, 物业来修理厨房的瓷砖. 百安居来安窗帘. 苏宁电器来送洗衣机和冰箱. 这几天几乎没怎么坐过. 今天终于可以坐下来了. 呵呵.