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chery - cheap car with big dream

the big dream is well reflected in the car logo, you can check the logo at its official site * mini cooper * infiniti * ford

new metro station designed by dumb ass

for many years, zhangjiang high-tech metro station was the terminate station for east bound shanghai metro line 2. it was a station on the ground. everyday, thousands of hi-tech workers were commuting to zhangjiang high-tech park in and out from it. it was very crowded during the rush hour. around the station, a gourmet food plaza was emerging, with all kinds of restaurants and small stands. now everything is changed. the station was abandoned officially after the chinese new year. the metro line 2 is heading all the way to the pudong airport. a new underground station was opened in another location. i am sure those restaurants will run out of business very soon, since most of the customers are passengers. it is a showcase of shortsighted city planning. to make it even more ironic, crowded commuters are now facing big problems in new station. it was designed by a dumb ass, with a humiliating super narrow passageway.

CI Tools

what a mess

官老爷们为了迎世博,保发展,把上海的道路全面挖了个底朝天。去年是出行最艰难的一年。浦东到处都是 这种路况 。现在总算是地铁也通了N条,浦东段的内环也架起来了。结果怎么样?这几天新闻天天在报道地铁超级拥挤,不得不关闭一些站,用公交摆渡缓解地铁乘客压力。其中一个重要原因就是高房价把越来越多的上班族挤到了离城市中心更加遥远的地方,当初有直通地铁的美丽诱惑,可以开通了又如何呢?早就人满为患,上都上不去。6号线开通也几年了吧,还是老样子,挤得一塌糊涂。 当初记得一个出租车司机说,内环修好后,过江就更堵了。果然被他说中。以前地面交通,还有几个路段的红绿灯做缓冲,现在是一路狂堵。但是过了上下班高峰,高架浦东段简直就空得像摆设。同样的原因,现在所有地面和高架下来的车,上班高峰全都堵在龙东大道上,就是一番千江万河汇入另一个小河的景象,大家都挤在一起。而且这不是暂时的,因为路都已经修好了! svip

自2007年8月22日起,卓越亚马逊停止“购物积分”政策及其相关功能,查看详情请 点击这里 。 您已经在 2010年02月01日 成为我们的 SuperVIP 客户! 您的合格购物金额为 7102.60

change time scale from 30 mins to 15 mins in outlook 2007

Sometimes you see the meeting is booked at quarters, not in the default half hour scale. Ever wonder what kind of life it is? You can even book the meeting in 5 minutes scale. In Outlook 2007 Calendar view, right click and select the Other Settings..., you can adjust the time scale to other duration.

California Beef Noodle King

What the hell. It is real. California Beef Noodle King from USA.

China Stone Drum Park

Following the same thoughts, Baoji has done on its own homework, and dig out another treasure. Baoji has tried before to claim it is the land of ancient Yan Emperor , but failed. Since all Chinese fellows are descendants of Yan & Yellow Emperors, it is a big statement but hard to argue which city is the authentic town of Yan Emperor. Baoji lost the battle to another city. This is another try, good luck. On the way to the park, I was worried how I went back because I didn't see much people around.

Zhou Dynasty Theme Park

The park was called People Park, like many regular parks in many Chinese cities -- some hills around a lake, all man made scenes. Now to call it out that Baoji is a city with great history,all the way back to the very ancient Shang and Zhou dynasties, the park is now renovated with the touch of Bronze Age. This is the big statue at the entrance, a giant candle holder?

Shannxi Folk Art - Puppet Show

Shannxi Folk Art - Tiger made by clay

Tourist Attractions around Baoji

Xi'an Railway Station in CNY

logorama, load of logos

Year of Tiger


mine -vmargs -Xms512m -Xmx1024m -XX:+UseParallelGC -XX:PermSize 256M -XX:MaxPermSize 512M default -showsplash org.eclipse.platform --launcher.XXMaxPermSize 256M -framework plugins\org.eclipse.osgi_3.4.0.v20080605-1900.jar -vmargs -Dosgi.requiredJavaVersion=1.5 -Xms40m -Xmx512m

site stickness

I have some dollars left in PayPal. To withdrawn the money, PayPal will charge me $35. It is better choice to just spend it. For international shopping, the first site comes into mind is eBay. Amazon is the best site in US, but not attractive to global shoppers with associated high shipping cost. I bought some DVDs from eBay. It is one good category to buy. The disk is light (low shipping cost), and genuine (from USA). It usually takes about one month to delivery from US to China. Now I am trying to figure out other good fit categories as a casual shopper. It is hard. For almost anything pops up in my mind, I can find it in TaoBao for a better deal. Take one example, search Lutein on both sites, I can get one bottle plus shipping cost at eBay at $12. For the exactly same brand, I can get one bottle plusing shipping at Taobao at CNY42(~$7). This is one example for same product. For many others, items' price on TaoBao price is just too low, it is a shame to compare. Come back


罗玉凤,24岁,重庆綦江赶水镇人,身高1.46米,大专学历,超市收银,月收入千余元。罗玉凤的征婚标准是:北京或清华硕士毕业、经济学专业或精通经济学、必须具备国际视野、身高176-183(越帅越好)、东部沿海户籍、无生育史、年龄在25至28岁之间。” 本人找伴侣,一不求帅,二不求富,但求同甘苦共患难 本人对伴侣的要求如下, 第一:必须北京大学或者清华大学硕士毕业生,必须本科硕士连读,中途无跳级,不留级,不转校,在外参加工作后,再回校读书者面 第二:必须为经济学专业毕业,非经济学专业毕业者必须精通经济学,或对经济学有浓厚兴趣。 第三:必须具备国际视野,但是无长期定居国外甚至移民的打算 第四:身高176-183左右,长的帅的比较好一些 第五:无生育史,过往所有女友均无因自身而导致的堕胎史 第六:东部沿海户籍,即江浙沪闽或者广东,天津山东,北京东北三省,内蒙古等地户籍,西南地区籍,重庆贵州,云南,西藏,湖南,湖北,等地户籍者不予考虑 第七:年龄25-28岁左右,即06级07级,08 级毕业生,有1-2年的工作经验,06级毕业生需年龄在28岁左右,09级毕业生则需聪明过人,且具备丰富的社会实践经验,就职于国家机关,国有企事业单 位者不予考虑,但就职于中石油中石化等世界顶尖型企业或银行者比较喜欢,现自主创业者商榷一番。 照片就不贴了,谷歌百度热得很。估计明年能上张艺谋的四枪贺岁片。


translated from excerpt of wikipedia 黄斑 , 视网膜负责中心视力的一小部分,也含有大量的 叶黄素 。黄斑中大量的叶黄素的原因,可能是有助于 防止氧化应激和高能量光。 各种研究表明,叶黄素的摄入量和眼中的 黄斑 色素有着 直接的关系 。研究也表明,黄斑色素 的 增加 可以降低 眼疾的风险,比如 和年龄相关的黄斑变性(AMD)。唯一的一项 小型 随机临床试验也证明了 叶黄素对治疗 黄斑变性的效果,实验的结论是单独使用 叶黄素或与其他 营养成分一起使用,有助于 视觉功能的改善。 叶黄素 存在于我们日常 的水果和蔬菜 饮食中,比如菠菜。 早在1996年,叶黄素就被列入膳食补充剂。 虽然目前还没有推荐的每日摄入量,不过普遍认为6-10毫克的摄入量/天就可以观察到效果。过量叶黄素摄入过量的唯一副作用是皮肤发黄(carotenodermia )。 自由形态的 的叶黄素和叶黄素酯 之间 的差别目前还不完全清楚。 一般认为叶黄素酯的 生物可利用度 低,但仍待商榷。 作为食品添加剂,叶黄素的E编码是E161b,是从万寿菊 花瓣 中提取的。 包括美国眼科研究中心在内的数项研究表明,叶黄素和玉米黄质的高摄入量(鸡蛋,菠菜等绿色蔬菜的营养成分)降低黄斑变性失明的风险。美国目前有 一百二十万 黄斑变性患者 ,其中大部分是65岁以上的老人。 叶黄素和玉米黄质与降低AMD的危险性之间的直接 因果关系 正在研究之中。