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snow in shanghai


Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson

happy holiday

to the end of 2009, and everyone is looking for something new in 2010, with a high spirit. one thing i am happy about is, i have successfully completed my linkedin profile to 100%, and linked with over 200 professionals around the world. a tree in german center

The most commented blog entry

I don't understand what triggers this, but one of my recent blog entry about Tipping Point just smells so filthy now . It keeps attracting Japanese adultery sites' comments with all the words I don't fully understand, but I can guess based on certain kanjis.

Two piece of news

Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy is dead at 32 today. The collections of books and Buddha sculptures were stolen from the renowned scholar Xianlin Ji. 正所谓人生苦短,世事无常。 孔乙己说过,窃书不算偷。就钱文忠的描述来看,其实这次行动也不是小偷小摸,而是文化人一次明火执仗的抢掠。大概结果出来,也逃不出就是季羡林周围的那些人和那些团体。说实在的,大家都打着自己的小算盘,所以出现了僵持的局面,现在这种局面被另一种方法给打破了。如果早早捐了出来给国家或者北大图书馆,不就没这一出了。

Peking Opera

I watched Peking Opera for the first time because of my colleague from San Francisco was visiting us last week. The theater is located conveniently in People Square, across street to Raffles City shopping mall. The ticket price is about the same as the movie ticket, less than 100CNY. The face makeup, the costume, the stage, all in simple and eye-catching style. The whole storytelling is just way way too slow. 10-minute story in modern tempo takes 2 hours to tell in Peking Opera. That's why the old folks love it - plenty of time to kill, easy to eye, and be a fan about it.

dragon wall in yu garden

the original owner of this garden was bold. normally chinese won't put such a fierce animal in their house. it is just too much.

budda at jade budda temple

IC, IQ, EQ, 统统交出来! - IQ Test try your IQ test :)

wikipedia forever

i just donated some $ to show my support. show your support for this online gigantic free human being library!


there is a short demo maglev track between pudong international airport and longyang road. the speed is high. the trip is short, just 8 minutes. the train accelerates all the way to the max speed, and slows down. single trip ticket fare is 50 yuan. you can get 10 yuan discount if you have an airline ticket. it is called a demo version because the distance is just too short to make sense, or make profitable.