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The Pursuit of Happyness

Watch out the Y in Happynes :-) It is a two-thumbs-up movie based on real people. The story is about how a black with only high school education made himself into a stock broker and further( There are quite a few movies in Hollywood based on the encouraging stories of real people, Beatiful Mind, Aviator, ... Now come back to China movie market, you see big screens such as Promise, Curse of the Golden Flower, Banquet, all those fucking nonsense, like black holes, one or two pieces a year. These movies actually damage the movie industry in China. They absorb all the resources to tell the same story perhaps happened besides the unknown king's bed. These movies are like huge monster alike trees, covering up all the lights, nothing can survive beneath. Can they stop drinking alcohol, and make some movies in sanity?

TV Channels

The big brother of TV in China is CCTV. It has dozen of channel, covering news, music, movie, social, sports, military and so on. Usually each province and big city has its own TV channel, some developed ones have more. Adds them up, easily you get fifty or sixty channels. The problem is not so many channels stand out, or most of them look just the same. Not a big problem. If it is too boring, you can buy piracy DVD for CNY 5 each, or install an 'illegal' satellite dish for two or three thousand of CNY.