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Trip to Shanghai

I went to Shanghai last week. Last time I was there, it was 1994. Air ticket – I booked the ticket from some local travel agent, round trip for SGD600. Lodging – There are many china online booking websites, which make hotel reservation very convenient now. I use booked 2 3-start hotels. One is Jin Li Hua Hotel (锦丽华大酒店), which is nearby Pudong Airport (浦东机场). One is Piao Ying Hotel (飘鹰大酒店), nearby the Bund. Jin Li Hua is a little bit dated. The website has very detailed information for hotel, even the contact number. I just called the hotel number and booked the room with the discount price listed on ctrip. The discount is around 50%, definitely a good deal. Both hotels are around RMB 350-400 per night. Transportation – We took the subway just once, from Jinjiang Amusement Park (锦江乐园) to People Square (人民广场). The ticket is RMB 4. Usually we take taxi. There are plenty of them, and the drivers are well disciplined. They don’t bargain the price, always use meter. You pay

Foggy Singapore

Singapore usually has very clean and nice air condition, but not for the recent 2 weeks. The banana tree burning practice in Indonesia brings lots of smoky haze to Singapore and Malaysia. This year the situation is really bad. The PSI is catching up with some polluted cities such as Beijing. Hopefully the rain season is near. As it is now, 4PM, PSI is around 130, not in healthy range anymore.

vivocity pre-grand opening

the largest shopping mall vivocity was open this weekend. To get there, take mrt to harbourfront, or drive on aye/ecp and take lower delta exit to the south. the grand opening date is dec 1. it is a pre-grand opening now. the mall is huge. the main structure is 3 floored building, with 8 storey parking structure plus underground parking. singaporeans just love mall. the people there are fully packed, even though not so many real customers. I guess people are just curious to see what the biggest mall looks like. more than half stores are still in renovations. the smell of new paint is not pleasant. the patio outside the 3rd floor is very nice. the vista is cool. people enjoy the luxury cruise, merlion in sentosa view. kids love the outdoor playground on second floor, but it really hot because the around building totally blocks the airflow.

Project Life Cycle

Pan Pacific Hotel


过敏的原因很多, 但是症状差不多. 就是鼻子里血管扩张充血, 导致鼻子堵, 流鼻涕, 打喷嚏. 最快最有效的方法就是吸烟, 让烟从鼻子通过. 吸烟的效果就是收缩血管, 很快过敏的症状就可以被抑止了. 这是我特别研究的成果. 吸烟导致阳萎的理论估计就是这样来的. 不过不是JB吸烟, 所以是无效的理论. 就象拿脚气的药来治疗头皮屑一样的可笑.