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picked by a thief

My wife's wallet was almost stolen by a thief yesterday. She was on the bus to work. It was not peak hour, and the bus was no packed. At one stop, 3 young guys got onboard. One sit besides my wife. He cut my wife's pocket. Luckily there was a pen blocked the cut open, and she found out. After his try was failed, the guy just smiled back when my wife blamed him. And those 3 guys alighted at the next stop. During the whole process, nobody on the bus even looked at this direction, just as if nothing was happened. This is the situation about thieves in Shanghai. I heard one similar story saying that theives in Shanghai are actually more civilized. One guy lost his wallet and all the important ID cards on a bus. After the recall, the next day, he persuaded the suspected thief to return his wallet, of course, no money left. So, remember one thing, money is just some notes circulated on the market, it is not part of your body.


最近看了两部国内的小制作电影,一个《我叫刘跃进》,一个《耳大有福》,挺有意思的。《我叫刘跃进》和《疯狂的石头》一个路子,几条线柔在一起。《耳大有福》讲东北老百姓的生活, 挺真实的。

the bund

vista of the bund and huangpu river from the top of oriental pearl tower.

world financial center and jin mao building

Vista of world finacial center (the tallest building in shanghai, even in china) and jin mao building (was the tallest) from oriental pearl tower .

taxidermy exhibition in sstm

the interesting taxidermy exhibition in sstm (shanghai science and technology museum). all the animals are provided by a rich american. it is really amazing that he has collected so many species.

Shanghai Zoo

Take a cab to Shanghai Zoo today. From PuDong Blvd to there, the fare is around 50. It is nice that the traffic on highrise expressway is smooth. The zoo ticket price is 30, and free for kid below 1.2m. The zoo has all kinds of animals, tigers, pandas, lions, monkeys, ... One pity is even with clear sign that no feed animals, some tourists throw corns, peanus, bananas and even empty soft drink bottles in.

got some fake goodies in china

Because of we have been working so hard for 2007, our boss decides to give us some small gifts as appreciation. It is Kingston Road Traveller 8G USB key. The USB key looks just as good as authentic Kingston USB key until one guy decides to register his key on official Kingston website. He was told it is a fake one, Kingston has never made such USB key product line. It reminds me one thing. I was too busy recently to buy condom on local store, so I bought some on Of course, after carefully checked, the condom I bought are fake one. Fake USB is okay, as long as it can store data. Fake condom is definitely another story, it can cause big problem.

CNY Holiday

Finally I will be in CNY holiday from Feb 6 to Feb 12. I am fucking tired on my work recently. Overtime everyday even in weekend for about two weeks, it totally sucks. I need a break.