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fudan zhangjiang campus

in china, the blooming real estate industry has basically kicked out all the universities from metro area. it is a win-win situation. more apartments and business buildings can be build, and universities can get much bigger new campus in suburb area. campus is always a place that you can slow down, and enjoy a moment of tranquility.

tongji jiading campus

it is far away from the city, to get there, the taxi fare is about cny200 from pudong zhangjiang area. there are really not much to hang around outside the campus. given that, the students can really focus on their study within the campus, which is definitely a good thing.

Chongming Island, here we come

We went to the Chongming Island for team building this weekend. Chongming Island is the 3rd largest island in China. It is huge. We drove half hour from one side to the center. To get there, take tunnel highway from PuDong District to Changxing Island. And then take the bridge from Changxing Island to Chongming Island. It is about one and a half hour drive.

cat touched by ps cs5 white rabbit

Shanghai Botanic Garden

lots of tulips, and lots of people.


周末正在看《干掉一切对手,看高盛如何算赢世界》,有一部继《货币战争》后的阴谋论经济书,不管真假,看起来倒也有趣。一件件,细细道来:奥巴马怎么战胜希拉里,最终入住白宫。雷曼兄弟为什么没人救,只能破产,而两房,AIG却度过次贷危机。中航油和陈久霖如何梦到新加坡。在作者的眼里,一切都是高盛设计好的局。 看到这,听到这则新闻,“新华网莫斯科4月10日电 俄罗斯紧急情况部说,波兰总统卡钦斯基及夫人乘坐的一架图-154飞机10日在俄罗斯斯摩棱斯克失事,卡钦斯基被确认身亡。”是不是又是高盛的局?

Metro line 2 from Hongqiao Airport to Pudong Airport

Besides taxi, airport shuttle, and maglev, the passengers to Pudong Airport now have a new option, metro. Metro line 2 is now all the way to Pudong Airport now. This is the most ecomonic way, from Hongqiao Airport to PuDong Airport, the ticket price is just CNY8. However, keep this in mind, it takes about 2 hours. Before you get there, you probably get worn out on the metro train. On today's news, it reports most of passengers still alight at Longyang Road station of Metro 2, and take maglev. Some elders take the long trip today, just to kill time and visit airport as a field trip.



pudong century park