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pay 2000CNY deposit to bid a car plate

Since this January, Shanghai car plate policy has been changed to open bid. The price drop from around 56000CNY last December to minimal 8000CNY, average 23000CNY in January. Now the second round starts. To be eligible to place the bid, you need go to some designated banks to pay 2000CNY deposit for ticket. It is not that easy! Yesterday afternoon I went there, the line is about 3 or 4 hundred people, it is crazy. Some smart guys are there to sell the queue numbers for a couple of hundred so you don't need wait in line from zero. Even you spend the whole afternoon and get the ticket, you are not guaranteed to bid successfully. Last round there are lots of complaints that the bidding system is jammed without responding at the last moment.

Jade Buddha Temple

I was on my way to pick up some documents yesterday, and saw Jade Buddha Template is around. So I let my time off for a couple of hours and visited it. It is absolutely a magnificent temple. One of the three most famous temples in Shanghai - LongHua, JingAn and Jade Buddha. The entrance ticket is 20CNY. To visit Jade Buddha, you will need another 10CNY. The direction is taking Metro line 2 to West Nanjing Road, and ride a taxi to there. "The Sitting Buddha is 190 centimeters high and encrusted by the agate and the emerald, portraying the Buddha at the moment of his meditation and enlightenment. The Recumbent Buddha is 96 centimeters long, lying on the right side with the right hand supporting the head and the left hand placing on the left leg, this shape is called the 'lucky repose'. The sedate face shows the peaceful mood of Sakyamuni when he left this world. " Beside these two, there are many other Buddhist scriptures.


国内大概是称谓缺失的缘故,对有些人群,同志(very gay), 师傅(蓝领包括出租车司机),先生(傻子才这么称呼人),都不合适,不知道怎么老师这个称呼就流行起来了。可以称呼老师的一般是政府事业型单位的中老年同志,也包括演艺界的中老年。他们也很满意这个称呼,介绍你去找谁办事的时候,也会说找某某老师。所以不要奇怪,国内的老师不一定是在教育岗位。

ants factory

People are smart. This new toy seals a few ants inside container, with tiny air-vent, and special colorful stuffs inside serve as food and earth. Ants can eat and dig holes. I once bought a key chain, with a tiny fish totally sealed. The fish actually lives for a couple of months inside.

blog spammed

I am now using the email publishing feature of blogspot since it is not blocked by China GWF . Somehow the email address is leaked and now some sites send junk to it, and get published on my blog. I have changed the email address accordingly.

one little chick

We bought two little chicks around Shanghai Youth Forest Park. 3 CNY for each. Both are chiming all the times, sometimes low sometime high, very very noisy. They poop all around. See the poop in the picture? Somehow one chick is more active and aggressive. He might think another chick's foot are juicy worms(?), keep picking on them. Another one is timid. So after the first night, that chick is dead :(. Now only one left.

Bee Movie

I am a fan of Hollywood CG animation movies. These type of movies usually have very straightforward storyline, but the scene is wonderful with very rich and bright color. Watching this kind of movie make me feel very relaxed. The most recent movie I saw is the Bee Movie. The scene of NY central park is just beautiful. Remember that small overpass bridge? The same scene appeared in The Brave One, what a difference! This maybe the reflection of reality and fantasy.

no country for old man

I watched the movie from Comparing to some trash Hollywood movies, it is an excellent movie, but I don't get why it is so good that sweep so many Oscar awards. Maybe it is really some culture tastes behind the story. About the typical lousy trash movies, I want to name one leading role actor, Ben Affleck.


搬家后觉得周围的生活档次明显比龙阳路万邦都市花园低了一个档次. 浦东大道附近大概是浦东开发后最先发展的, 现在看来都落伍了.周围没有什么大的卖场, 餐馆好像也档次一般. 甚至有很多低档次的生煎拉面馆.和龙汇路餐饮一条街, 麦德龙, 百安居不可同日而语.地方破旧, 人口密集.公交线路也很发达. 昨天去一家叫联丰生煎大王的吃饭,东西超便宜.吃了一会儿, 从后面厨房破跑出一个老鼠, 在大家的座位底下乱窜. 大概这也就是中国的大城市的真实的一面吧.


说两件事。 一次我老婆在携程定了机票,去ATM取了5000元, 数了没错,等送票的上门。送票的来了以后,给了票,我老婆就把那一把钱给了送票的。没有当面点。送票的拿了钱,也没马上点,一张张的对着光检验真伪。半天才开始数钱。一数, 成了4900。这下可说不清了。后来我老婆报了警,警察对这种现金交易的小额纠纷,也没办法。最后我老婆又给了他一百。国内现金交易一定要当面点清啊。否则出了纠纷, 就看谁厉害了。类似的事情在一个街边的水果摊也看过。一个人在和摊主吵。 一次我老婆打电话定了柚子茶和花粉。柚子茶是买大送小。送货的来了以后, 是我接的。花粉盒子皱皱巴巴的,一看,已经要过期了。所以就只买了柚子茶。刚关上门,我老婆说怎么没有送的?打开门,那个送货的正美滋滋的拿着一小瓶的柚子茶看呢。操,什么玩意,差点就被丫给米了。