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Bible in hotel?

Normally there are two books in the US hotel, Local Y ellowpage and the Bible. Now the Olympics game is coming, should hotels in Beijing offer free copy of Bible? From the news, it seems China is publishing more copies of Bible for this purpose. If Bible is provided? Should they provide other religious books, such as Qur'an ?

Seeing super size menu bar and icon in Firefox 3?

I always adjust my screen resolution with 144 DPI . With this DPI , the Firefox 3 shows up with super big size menu bar and font. To fix this problem, type in about: config in Firefox 3 address bar, ignore the warning, and add one new Integer entry - layout.css.dpi with value 96 . Since my desktop DPI is 144, I set it to 143 instead of 96. Unfortunately, it works here, but breaks some sites such as Gmail layout. The Gmail fonts are just too tiny to tell.

Shanghai Oriental Art Center

We went to Shanghai Oriental Art Center last evening. There are a couple of shows - one is Italian Artists Piano Duo, another is Butterfly Lovers by Shanghai Ballet. The Piano Duo is a sold-out. Quite a few ticket scalpers are outside to offer tickets. The price is fair, CNY 200 for CNY 180 value ticket.


按照西方国家的发展和环保意识的状况来看, 我国急匆匆的开始取消免费塑料购物袋的政策, 其实完全不是从环抱的角度出发的.因为农贸市场和水果店里的塑料袋还是免费的. 一样可以造成塑料垃圾污染. 其实商场里的塑料购物袋, 是出于通货膨胀的考虑. 一个袋子要两三毛钱, 已经很贵了. 不过除了这里能花两三毛钱, 其他的东西基本上已经是以一圆为最小单位了. 分已经被淘汰了. 角差不多也快被淘汰了.

Beijing Olympics Mascot Fuwa curse

Gossip sites are full of speculation that five cartoon mascots are cursed, have fulfilled prophesies of doom. Jingjing, a panda most closely associated with Sichuan province, so be the 8 degree earthquake. Huanhuan, a fire flame boy linked to torch relay, which had so many troubles in global relay. Yingying, an antelope in Tibet, so be the riots. Nini, a kite viewed as a reference to the “kite city” of Weifang, in Shandong, so be the deadly train crash. Beibei, a sturgeon fish in the Yangtze River, heavy rain and flood in southern China. If you have some of these mascots, throw them away now!

Shanghai confirms first hand-foot-mouth death

The hand-foot-mouth ( HFM ) disease is serious this year. Besides all the natural disasters happened so far, the disease is spread in southern China. The news is reported and recently overshadowed by the big earthquake. No news doesn't mean good news here. Up to now, just in Shanghai, almost 100 daycare centers have been closed because of the reported cases. On June 16, the first HFM disease death in Shanghai is officially reported. With precautions, all large activities in daycare are requested to be cancelled.

Attended one training during the weekend

Why the training is scheduled during weekend? Shouldn't we get overtime pay for job related activities:) Anyway, the training is provided by Newton Productions , and hosted at Radisson Hotel Shanghai New World. The training is great. The trainer is from US but stay in China for many years. One man show. He is the founder, General Manager and the only trainer in the company.


So far, I only saw this shameless Coqui brand in Carrefour . Yesterday I was happen to be there, and it is not there anymore. This is the bold shameless blog for this brand. Basically it tells the story of Crocs in the name of Coqui .

Crocs on taobao

I posted about Crocs in Singapore in 2006. It gets popular in China now. Crocs opened a big store in SuperBrand Mall, with lots of customers. The price is about CNY 250. No surprising, like other popular stuffs, replicas/clones follow. There are lots of Crocs listings on taobao , all claimed to be authentic, the price starts from CNY 30, all the way to the local store price. If you want to buy a real one, go to local store. If you want to buy a replica, don't take too serious about those claimed to be authentic on taobao , and just pay the minimal price. Also in Carrefour , the Li Gui version of Crocs are sold with brand name Coqui .

no free plastic grocery bag

start from June 1, no more free plastic grocery bags. the policy is nation wide. I need pay extra 20 or 30 cents for each bag. I doubt how it works. Usually I got all these plastic bags, and reused them as trash bags, and final destination for those bags are dumpster, which is good. Now I need pay for these plastic bag or buy trash bags. Except for spending money on one more item, nothing gets improved. The problem is in wet market. The bags used there are usually small and thin, and are throw away everywhere. This is bad and need to be regulated.