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Start Remote X Windows Application

Suppose we have 2 Linux machines. One (mongo) is in front you and another (kiwi) is on upstair. You want to start some X Windows Applications on kiwi but don't want to go upstair. What you can do is start xterm on mongo. mongo > xhost +kiwi mongo > ssh -X username@kiwi Once you are ssh-ed in kiwi, run the X Windows Applications, for example, evolution, or mozilla. The graphic interface will pop up on mongo instead. kiwi > mozilla When all done, exit from kiwi ssh session, and remove the remote host if not needed anymore mongo > xhost -kiwi If not ssh, you also need set DISPLAY on kiwi. For example, if you are using bash, kiwi > export DISPLAY=mongo:0 One related topic, you can use /usr/X11R6/bin/X -query the.unies.server

Eat in Singapore 食在新加坡

Singapore has a large variety of food selections from all over the world. There are tons of food courts around the country, in shopping mall, in HDB community, in everywhere. The foods include Chinese wok fried dishes and rice, noodle, Indian curry and bread, Hainan chicken rice, Malay style Laksa, Fu Jian noodle, Hong Kong roasted duck, Vegetarian, Japanese, Korean food, and so on. The price is cheap, ranged between 2 to 5 SG dollars. People are enjoying eat out in food courts. Why cook anyway, in such a hot country. One problem is you can not get plenty green vegetables. There are also lots of restaurants. Thai, Chinese, Indian, Malay, Western. I really enjoy the Crystal Jade Restaurant’s handmade noodles. Since I am live in NTU, there are several good Chinese restaurants around – Mayflower in NTU, Yun Nan Garden in IMM, and Crystal Jade in Jurong Point. Western food, you can find the famous chain restaurant from US, Australia , Europe . Name a few, Tony Roma’s Steak (at

Microsoft Ready to Rock events in Singapore I heard about this event on google news when Microsoft launched its forever waiting SQL 2005. The Singapore events are hold at Suntec Expo. I was so suprised to see people are so passionate about this event when I arrived the site. Many other famous IT companies are there to accompany, HP, Intel, AMD, Sun, Dell...People are lining up for free gadgets, filling forms. It is a successful events just by looking at the participants enthusiasm.

LV Handbag's Story in US, China and Singapore

When I was at Southern California , I saw many women, especially 40 years old Chinese women, carrying a brown colored handbag. Personally I think the handbag looks dull. I was wondering what kind of brand it is. It is LV (Louis Vuitton) and very expensive. In Singapore , the LV seems even more popular. This summer I had a chance to go back China Shenzhen. There is a supermarket nearby Shenzhen Railway Station. Many foreigners actually come to buy world famous brand merchandise. Of course, they know the stuffs here are cheap and fake. I went there. Rolex, Tommy, Ralph Lauren, LV , you name it. Just for fun, I bought one LV handbag for about SG$40. I think everyone can tell it is not an authentic one because the leather looks so rough, and on one side, LV logo is even upside down. The handbag is served as my daughter’s diaper bag. Last weekend, I went to Orchard road. It is the main street in Singapore city with all the famous shopping malls. There is a LV store.

Toxic slick reaches Harbin

Harbin, one of the largest city in northeastern China, relies its drinking water supply mainly from Songhua River. It is the first time in history, the whole city cuts off its water supply system for several days because of pollution. HARBIN, China (Reuters) - A toxic slick of polluted river water reached the outskirts of one of China's biggest cities on Thursday after an explosion at a petrochemical plant nearly two weeks ago. China said the blast had caused "major pollution," spilling benzene compounds into the Songhua River from which Harbin, capital of the northeastern province of Heilongjiang and home to nine million people, draws its drinking water.

Nguyen Tuong Van to be hanged

Melbourne man Nguyen Tuong Van, 25, was caught at Changi airport in Singapore in 2002 smuggling 396 grams of heroin strapped to his body and in his hand luggage. He agreed to smuggle the drugs to pay off a large debt owed by his twin brother Khoa. Letter sent to Kim Nguyen Ministry of Home Affairs Changi Prison Complex. Dear Madam, 1. This is to inform you that the death sentence passed on Nguyen Tuong Van will be carried out on 2 Dec 2005. 2. We will arrange for additional visits from 29 Nov till 1 Dec 2005. Approved visitors may register for their visits between 8.30am and 9.30am and between 12.30pm and 1.30pm at the Prison Link Centre, Changi (990 Upper Changi Road North Singapore 506968). 3. You are requested to make the necessary funeral arrangements for him, however if you are unable to do so the state will assist in cremating the body. Please do not hesitate to contact our officers in charge if you have any queries. Yours Faithfully Chiam Jia Fong Superintendent Institu


太漂亮了, 禁不住贴一下.


新加坡英语 维基百科,自由的百科全书 (重定向自新加坡英語) Jump to: navigation, search 新加坡英语(Singlish)是一种英语方言,通用于新加坡,主要受到英国英语影响,但最近日益受到美国英语的影响。此外很多的词汇、语法也借自福建话、广东话、普通话和马来语,有克里奥耳语(混合语)的特征。新加坡英语的发音也很独特。 总论 早期英国殖民者於19世纪来到新加坡,並在当地兴办学校,新加坡英语便起源於英办学校中。最早的新加坡英语很可能是一种洋泾浜语,是不会说英语的人在街头说的一种混合语。其语法简单,发音不稳定,非英语成份很大,包括从印度英语、娘惹马来语、汉语各方言等多个方面的影响。 随着时间的推移,早期的洋泾浜语在新加坡社会各个层面推广,并由新一代的新加坡人以母语的形式学习,语音、语法、词汇等逐渐定性,日趋成熟,最终脱离洋泾浜语的简单和不稳定性,成为一种完全成熟的英语方言。这一点和克里奥耳语(混合语)的发展过程相似,使新加坡英语也具有很多典型的克里奥耳语特征。但新加坡英语和英国英语毕竟相似,两者尚可通话,所以仍可视为英语的一个分歧较大的方言。 与所有其他语言、方言一样,新加坡英语不是一个完全统一的整体。受过教育和没受过教育的人所说的新加坡英语并不一样,正式和非正式场合所使用的新加坡英语也截然不同。一般来说,受过教育的人在正式场合所说的英语与英美所使用的正式英语大同小异,区别主要在语音上。而非正式场合所说的英语则有更多源于汉语、马来语的词汇、语法。为了最大限度地体现新加坡英语的特征,本条目将主要描述非正式的新加坡英语。 不仅如此,由于大多数新加坡人都会说除英语外至少一种语言,因而语码转换极为常见。如:当两个福建裔华人交谈时,一句话中可以掺杂着英语、华语、闽语等多种语言。但是同样会说新加坡英语(但不会说闽语)的广东裔华人、马来人、印度人等就不能理解这句话的全部意义。所以,本条目将主要描述所有会说新加坡英语的人共有的语音、词汇、语法特征,包括大家都能理解、应用的非英语成分。由于这些非英语成分已经扩大于整个会说新加坡英语的人群(无论他们会不会说这些成分的源语言),所以这些成分应视为新加坡英语的一部分,而不是语码转换。 新加坡英语源于新加坡自有的洋泾浜语,所以和亚洲其他地区的洋泾浜语有许多相似之处,英美人听了难免会觉得新加坡英语是一种“劣等英语”

SEXPO - Singapore First Sex Expo

The first ever Singapore Sex Expo is open now. It is actually much smaller than I thought. And only 21 older can go in. I do saw a poor guy is rejected by policeman because of he looks too young. Yes, policemen are around. Since it is the first round, well, what the heck. The adult toy stores are the most hot spot.

64 Hours for 2 Cars

It is well known the car in Singapore is expensive. How about 2 brand new cars if you can stand long enough? It is true. The MediaCorp Radio Subaru Challenge has its winners. The pair left standing after 64 hours and 31 minutes were 36-year-old Koh Meng Khoon and his 23-year-old girlfriend Lung Wen Jie. And they can drive away 2 brand new Subaru cars! Yah!

Skype is blocked in China

Read about this news ATLANTA, Georgia-- (November 7, 2005) -- Verso Technologies (NASDAQ: VRSOD), a leading provider of packet-based solutions, announced today a paid trial of Verso’s NetSpective ® M-Class Solution to filter Skype and other peer to peer (P2P) communications with a Tier-One carrier based in China . The trial is for an initial city level deployment and part of a sale for the fourth quarter of 2005, subject to customer acceptance. ...

Bird flu - maybe it is the time to change

SARS, now Bird Flu. Human being now looks so fragile, and all we can do now is killing thousands of chickens. Viruses are ruling the world because they adapt more efficient to around environment than our primates. In the area where people are highly populated, and have the habit to eat fresh, virus are getting smart to travel between animals and human beings. The virus is so innovated, people just can't deal with it. Most likely the new virus will arise from Asia, because the population, and living environment, all aspects just like a wonderful playground for virus. It is bad for Asia. It is worse for western countries. Why? Because the people there don't even have the environments to generate more advanced antibody. And virus can take cargo and jets to anywhere in the world in no time.

Two accidents on the road

This morning, before merge into AYE, the information board displays "Massive Jam". Shit! All the cars are crawling on the expressway. It take some efforts to merge into the most inner lane. Of course, it is not fast too. Finally I passed the accident area. Why the traffic is still slow? Shit again, another accident in front. One interesting thing is, the car in front of me trying to get off the expressway by switching to slower lane. Unfortunately even on such slow traffic, nobody on second lane want to wait and let the car change lane. What these kinds of driver, what do you expect? Of course, drive more viciously and more accidents.

Install realtime ticketing system RT

RT is ticketing system from Best Practical Solutions, LLC. You can download the .tar.gz for free. Once it is done, refer to the README under the untar folder. The steps are straightforward but can be very time consuming. configure make testdeps to test if you have the dependencies installed, most likely not because RT needs a lot make fixdeps will start CPAN perl installation to fix the dependencies. This step is very time consuming. make testdeps to check all the dependencies are ok make install make initialize-database Now we need modify a little bit about Apache server. First RT need Apache::DBI modules. You can install this module with perl -MCPAN -e'install Apache::DBI' If it fails, you can use to search a RPM package. I installed the RT on Fedora Core 4, and perl-Apache-DBI-0.94-1.2.el4.rf.noarch.rpm works well for it. With Apache::DBI module installed, we modify the httpd.conf in case you want it running in parallel

Setup Blog software Movable Type

Do you want to host your own blog? It is easy. Install Linux. e.g. Fedora Core 4 including Apache HTTP server, MySQL Download free award winning blog software from Open the tar.gz to /var/www/cgi-bin by cd /var/www/cgi-bin; tar -xzvf MT-x.y.z.tar.gz; Change the folder name for simplicity (Optional) by mv MT-x.y.z mt Setup MySQL In Linux, mysqld can be loaded by /etc/init.d/mysqld start. You can also configure service auto-load with chkconfig --level 345 mysqld on. Once the mysqld starts, you can access mysql with mysql –u root –p. By default, no password is set for root. For obvious reason, you need set the root password with mysqladmin -u root -h 'localhost' password "rootpass". Now we need create account and password for MT purpose. Connect MySQL with root account and password just assigned. mysql> grant all privileges on *.* to 'mtuser'@'localhost' identified by 'mtpasswd' wit

Be careful when you play SONY CD :(

NEWS FROM CNET On Monday, October 31, alert users discovered that Sony BMG is using copy-protected CDs to surreptitiously install its digital rights management technology onto PCs. You don't have to be ripping the CD, either--just playing it from your CD-ROM drive triggers the installation. The software installs itself as a root kit, which is a set of tools commonly used to make certain files and processes undetectable, and they're the favored tool of crackers who are, as Wikipedia puts it, attempting to "maintain access to a system for malicious purposes." In fact, root kits are often classified alongside Trojan horses. And Mark Russinovich, who created a root-kit detection utility and was one of the first to blog about the Sony intrusion, discovered another little gem when he tried to remove the DRM drivers. It broke his computer--disabling his CD drive.

yum update trouble Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo

I recently installed Fedora Core 4. It is a fresh install, but somehow the yum update doesn't work. It reports "yum update trouble Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo". Search on the internet, I create 3 new repo files. cat fedora.repo [base] name=Fedora Core $releasever - $basearch - Base baseurl=$releasever/$basearch/os/ #mirrorlist=$releasever enabled=1 gpgcheck=1 cat fedora-updates.repo [updates-released] name=Fedora Core $releasever - $basearch - Released Updates baseurl=$releasever/$basearch/ #mirrorlist=$releasever enabled=1 gpgcheck=1 cat extras.repo [extras] name=Fedora Extras - $releasever - $basearch baseurl=$releasever/$basearch/ gpgcheck=1 gpgkey=http://download.

IKEA in Singapore

I went to Singapore IKEA store yesterday. Like many other chain brand store, IKEA looks and feels similar around the world. I have been IKEA in Beijing, China, Glendale, California, and also this one. It is homy and convenient, especially for foreigners just coming to a new environment. You can shop for your new home with a reasonable price and sound style. IKEA is popular, especially in Asia country. It serves as an icona of western culture, and is welcomed by young Asian. The quality is just so so. Singapore IKEA is an example. I bought a closet, 2 little bolts are missing from the package, a dining table, one table leg is different from the other 3, apparently the workers put the wrong one.