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39.6 degree

It is hot yesterday. I feel it when I go out around 7 AM. It feels just like walking during the noon. 39.6 is the second highest in record. The highest one is 40.2 in 1934.


现在写这个流行, 显摆一下自己海外背景.其实国内是没人稀罕这个的. 除了教育部搞的那个海外学历认证赚点小钱. 大家感触比较深, 也是因为刚好这几年国内实在是处于高速变化的时期, 套句话, 日新月异, 天翻地覆. 和我老2000年出国时候真是没法比. 首先是国内普遍生活都不错, 有的更爽, 比我年轻, 已经是房子几套, 车换了几部, 而且倍儿有自信. 超市商场里商品简直太丰富了, 就说这凉席, 什么亚麻的, 萱草的, 丝竹的, 水牛皮的, 各个做的和布似的, 而且还很便宜. 电器也是琳琅满目, 而且国内的品牌种类质量价格也很争气, 自己买自己国家的东西, 爽啊. 当然了, 如果东西不满意, 想退, 就不能和美国比了. 美国那售后服务,简直就是纵容大家多退多换啊. 这个也不是所有发达地区都是, 新加坡退东西也和国内差不多. 小区门口的连锁小超市, 服务到家, 西瓜, 水, 几乎什么都可以免费送上门. 其他小时工, 洗脚按背的之类的就不说了. 到了傍晚, 小区的广场都是活动的. 小孩在一起玩什么陀螺战士, 骑自行车, 滑板, 轮滑. 大妈们在一起跳什么集体舞, 不要太热闹. 国内的人当然也是中国人多了, 废话. 爽的是看不到黑乎乎, 白茫茫的一大堆肉在你眼前晃. 堵的慌. 国内的人普遍还是比较苗条. 女的身材比较好, 特别是上海的妹妹, 又白又嫩.



91.9% applied for CPC membership

Read this one from xinhua online. You can tell how fierce of the employment competition for new grads. To be a CPC member can open up new job opportunity and get extra score, everyone knows. >>> CPC recruits almost 12 mln members in 5 years The Communist Party of China (CPC) recruited 11.85 million members from 2002 to 2006, an average of 2.37 million per year, according to the organization department of the CPC Central Committee Monday. ... Statistics from Shandong University showed that 91.9 percent of undergraduates had applied for Party membership, of whom 13.5 percent were admitted. Meanwhile, 40 percent of graduates were admitted. ...

Things happen overnight

The most crowded restaurants area nearby Zhang Jiang High Tech Park is Long Hui Rd. During the evening and weekend, it is even hard to find a parking spot around. The flagship one is the one between Long Hui Rd and Bai Yang Rd. Just a couple months ago, the name was changed from 雅膳苑 to 黔隆居. The big restaurant has seafood, hotpot, fast food chain, seems a very good start. After two months, suddenly things happen overnight. The whole restaurant is empty! How empty is empty, even the windows are all gone! The front door is now concrete sealed.

How much a chinese worth?

There was a piece of news on yesterday's CCTV. The original intention was to praise a fine professional judge. A poor guy was gone in a fatal accident, and his family got 80K CNY pension based on his non-urban hukou. The good judge find out this guy has worked in city for over five years, and elligible to get more. Finally the family get 240K CNY based on urban hukou standard. Now I guess everyone see the pathetic point - 80K CNY for non-urban chinese, but 240K CNY for urban hukou chinese.

The pubic toilet in china

Back to the old time, the toilet in china was squat toilet. It is actually a very good design for sanity reason. This old style is rarely seen in big cities now, especially in the shopping malls. The common one is flush toilet. You are expected to sit and move. But in real, who dare to sit on the it when you see dirty unknown stain on the it. Last weekend I was in one shopping mall's toilet. One guy seems in a hurry to move, but all the closets are occupied and locked. He looks really need find one spot, and ask janitor if all the closets are occupied, or some are just misfunctional and locked. The janitor is clever. He try to find out by peeking the bottom of the doors. Yah, you should see the legs and shoes. But not the case! Janitor finally yelled, "whoever squat on the flush toilet sit!"

LEGO and sluban

Can you tell which one is LEGO, which one is a toy brand in China? Is it IP infringement? The big differences are price and quality. You can't get them both.

Radio, radio, radio

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