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Trip to Shanghai

I went to Shanghai last week. Last time I was there, it was 1994.

Air ticket – I booked the ticket from some local travel agent, round trip for SGD600.

Lodging – There are many china online booking websites, which make hotel reservation very convenient now. I use booked 2 3-start hotels. One is Jin Li Hua Hotel (锦丽华大酒店), which is nearby Pudong Airport (浦东机场). One is Piao Ying Hotel (飘鹰大酒店), nearby the Bund. Jin Li Hua is a little bit dated. The website has very detailed information for hotel, even the contact number. I just called the hotel number and booked the room with the discount price listed on ctrip. The discount is around 50%, definitely a good deal. Both hotels are around RMB 350-400 per night.

Transportation – We took the subway just once, from Jinjiang Amusement Park (锦江乐园) to People Square (人民广场). The ticket is RMB 4. Usually we take taxi. There are plenty of them, and the drivers are well disciplined. They don’t bargain the price, always use meter. You pay what you see on the meter when arrived. The minimal taxi fare is RMB 11. When back to airport, we took the Shanghai Maglev. With air ticket, the price is RMB 40. Without it, it is RMB 50. The speeding is dizzying 430km/hr. Yah, you may feel dizziness on it.

Food – no words enough to express it. You feel it only when you taste it. The food is just fresh, yummy and cheap! We did try some expensive restaurants, but in my own taste, the dish doesn’t really taste any better. The only problem in China is, in many restaurants, people drink and smoke when dinning. It is noisy and smoky.

Sightseeing – We went to lots of fun places
– the Bund (外滩), the skyline of new Shanghai
– Nanjing Road Commercial Walking Street (南京路商业步行街), moderated priced store
– Chenghuang Temple (城隍庙), lots of culture fork art and locale food delights
– Yuyuan Garden (豫园), a place for comfort and peace, RMB40 for adult.
– Chenxiang Temple (沉香阁)
– Jinjiang Amusement Park (锦江乐园), which looks like Disneyland clone, RMB 40 for adult.
– Shanghai Zoological Park (动物园), feeding the swan is fun.
– Jinan Temple (静安寺)


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