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Talk Show in US

By definition, talk show is a program where a group of people come together to discuss various topics led by a talk show host on TV or radio. However, the most popular TV talk shows in US are more or less in a one-man-show style. The host himself or herself becomes the celebrity and focus, shown up in Hollywood movies as ‘host’ now and then.

The program covers anything, including politicians (president, Bush is the most favorite these years, state governor, congressmen), celebrities from Hollywood, Wall Street, and everyday bizarre news, mostly in comedy sketches.

Some TV talk shows
• The Tonight Show with Jay Leno – Fun fact, Jay Leno on eBay with userid jayleno-harley. The Harley Davidson was sold for $800,100 to raise money for the 2004 tsunami.

• Oprah – The highest rated talk show in US, the target audiences are desperate housewives, to lift their spirits. The show has such a huge influence, a book mentioned in her show can rapidly become bookselling blockbuster from nowhere. In one of the Oprah 2004 show, she gave away a brand new Pontiac G6 to each of the audiences, in total around 270. The rumor said she might consider to be the first black president of USA.

• The Night Show with David Letterman – one of the fun parts is the top ten list. Here is the latest one.

Top Ten Ways George W. Bush Can Boost His Popularity
1. Hang Saddam again
2. Improve focus by removing Playstation 3 from Oval Office
3. Develop steamy "Will they or won't they?" relationship with Nancy Pelosi
4. Make people believe there's a waffle shortage; then when people see waffles in the supermarket, he'll be a hero!
5. Turn weekly radio address into wacky morning zoo
6. Redecorate Oval Office to look like the set of "The View"-- People love "The View"!
7. Resign
8. Covene blue ribbon panel to find out what the hell is wrong with Paula Abdul
9. Nail a heavyset intern
10. Deploy 20,000 troops to put underpants on Britney Spears


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The brothels are mixed with normal resident houses. The brothel's house number is red lighted. The price is ranged from SGD 50 to SGD 200.

Illegal sex workers are also around, and in some massage clinics. A very recent fatal case and newly effective government policy make a special social group - Chinese accompanying mom for studying kids a hot media buzz again.