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zhu zhu pets

If you've ever read the book Tipping Points, you might sense what's going on about this Zhu Zhu Pets phenomena. From nowhere, Zhu Zhu Pets becomes the hottest toy in US for this Holiday season. It is a sold-out in local retail stores. Now you can still buy one at Amazon. Look at the price, $60 each! What a rip off! Zhu Zhu Pets are bid crazily on eBay too. This is how people go nuts during shopping season - What to buy? I heard this is hot shit, I need have one. Look at the upset feedbacks on Amazon, it is just another battery powered puff toy, probably at $10 max. For real, it is sold on taobao too, for less than $10.

a tooth diary

One of my teeth was haunting me last week. It turns out to be the exactly the same tooth since I was in middle school. That tooth was sentenced to death with root canal treatment when I as in middle school. It is apparently not done in a complete way. Since the tooth was so badly decayed, It was crowned after the root canal. About 10 years later, when I was in US, one day I was chewing the gum, and that crown was sticked out by the gum. Another new crown made in US was in position to protect the tooth. Several years later, the tooth was kicking back. It was such a pain. I had rushed to the public hospital during the weekend. It was done in one shot, and again, not done in a completed way, as it turns out. The third crown was in place after that. Only two years passed, it was kicking again. This time, I go to my dental clinic, hopefully to get it done in a professional, and of course, expensive way.

a scene in baoji

Sleuth, the drama

Shanghai Drama Arts Center is located at Ande Road, in Jin'an District, a quite and nice street. It seems quite a few foreigners living around that area. There is even a grocery store with all imported stuffs. It was not weekend. I was thinking, with such a time and location, are there enough audiences to the show? It is amazing to see it is almost a full house. The drama Sleuth is adapted from a classic Broadway play. Two men, one scene, in 2 and half hours. That's something for the actors to take. It is a good show. P.S. Similar like other entertainment venues, there are scalpers around to buy/sell tickets in market value. The face value of the show is CNY 120, low end. The market value they buy in is CNY 20, they sell at CNY 100.

2012, the movie

Finally I squeeze some time to watch the movie 2012. It is 2 hours and a half long of the earth destruction. It is a whole new level of special visual/sounds effects to make your heart jumping, and palm sweating. It is devastating catastrophe for any live beings on the earth. If you were able to stand at the sun, even further, if you were standing at the the far far away big star in galaxy, or somewhere in the universe, what happens in the movie is just like a sneeze. Worth mentioning, China is depicted in a very positive image. This is almost the first in Hollywood movies.


what about it? look at the close caption. the font size is huge. it is simply good for kids.