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disable vmware system beep

Vmware player is a neat tool to run another OS housed on your computer, with one very annoying, and very painful feature - system beep. The beep is very loud and sharp to kill your ear drum. The sound is not from your sound card, but from PC speaker, with very high frequency and volume. Most of the time, you are not appreciated with this "friendly reminder". To disable it, go to %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\VMware, add mks.noBeep = TRUE to your preferences.ini.

who's boss?

human beings in the metro? lions in the wild? shark in the ocean? those are nothing comparing to virus. virus, not bacteria. bird flu, swine flu, or human flu, is just a very mild presence of virus. virus can easily wipe out thousands of human. it happens in Europe, in North America, and in many battlefields.

shanghai botanic garden


《明朝那些事儿》的最后一部终于出来了。总共七部,一部不拉的看了下来,对那段历史总算有个些个了解。这种以网络文学的笔法白话历史,也红火了起来。除了明朝,又冒出了《原来这才是春秋》,《那是汉朝》,《隋朝那些花花事儿》,《唐史并不如烟》,《如果这是宋史》,加上 赫连勃勃大王的系列, 差不多都覆盖了,封面设计也大都沿袭《明朝那些事儿》, 竖排毛笔字,不过水平高低还是明显滴。还有一些类似的书,比如《司马迁笔下的牛人们》。

央视热播小樱桃 - 山寨樱桃小丸子

名字就不说了,人物形象,故事旁白,主题曲,靠, 有点创意好不好? 国内现在不少地方都在搞动漫基地,出发点是好的。可是水平太差了。平面动画不错,什么小鲤鱼,小宋当家,神厨小富贵,都挺精致的。三维动画水平实在是太差了,制作了大量垃圾作品。

auto show shanghai 2009

super sized combo - cars and chicks. car model can make thousands a day by average. the supermodel can make 6-figure money, hmmm....sweet.