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故事的情节很简单, 就是经典的王子复仇记五代十国版. 里面的杀戮鲜血四溅, 超级血腥.LOR之后,大家都掌握了骑士杀手的拍摄要素. 情色的部分也令人血脉分张, 想咽口吐沫.可以看到章子仪和周迅替身的屁股.突然发现章子仪的电影我是一个都不落啊.觉得她真的越演越好了, 而且很有自己的风格.特别善于演绎那种自己打拼,高处不胜寒的女强人.坚强的外表下一幅寂寞春怀无人知的感觉.大概就是自己真实的写照把. 现在国内的大片都是按照冲击奥斯卡,顺便带动票房的目标拍的. 而且都喜欢以中国古代宫廷为背景.这大概也是大家觉得中国电影在国际上可能取胜的一个法宝吧.我觉得夜宴比无极有戏.无极就是一坨屎. 张靓颖唱的片尾曲'我用所有报答爱'果然好听. 百度里可以 听一下 .

Car is back

The mechanician told me the fault was because a wire is worn out. The towing charge is $45. Other than that, it is free of charge because the car is still under warranty. It still took me another $10 taxi free to get it, and $8 to taxi back home that evening. On the good side, I was forced to take a day off. I was thinking about to take some days off but the current project is totally overrun. Finally I got a chance to see the movie Banquet.

NTUC Incomeshield是个流氓保险

被它烦死了。After one year insured, we receive a letter ask to renew, we don't pay. if we dont pay, it means we dont want renew it. After several weeks, we receive 3 letters said they will deduct it from CPF automatically. So I called to cancel. The person answered the call just stupid enough to make no decision, and ask to call me back. They called back, and said will send me a form to cancel. I receive the form, this form is non-sense. No single option to cancel it. i called back, they told me an email address, ask me to send email to cancel, I thought it is done. Today I received the letter to ask me pay premium again. I am really out of control, yelled on the phone, and as expected, they will call me back. Fuck you, NTUC Incomeshield.

Car breaks down :(

Yesterday when I was driving home on fast lane, as usual 100-120km/h speed, suddently the car slow down. I tried to accelerate, but the car was like a dying horse. Turn on the emergency light, change 4 or 5 lanes, and get off the AYE expressway. Lucky me, there is a Shell gas station, and the car was able to struggle to reach it. At the gas station, the car was totally down. I had to wait there for about 45 minutes until a tow truck came. The car is still under 36 months or 100,000 km warranty, but as I was informed, the towing charge is not covered. I need check if my car insurance covers it.

Java Revisited

Singelton - use a public static final varible and a private constructor, to guarantee single instance. If serializable, provide readResolve() to return this instance. Magic GC - whenever a class (Stack) manages its own memory, be careful of memory leak. Another common source of leak is cache. LinkedHashMap.removeEldestEntry. Equals and Comparable - Override hashCode whenever override equals. Cloneable - all classes implement Cloneable should override clone with a public method. The method sould call super.clone first, and copy mutable fields. Better to use copy constructor. Proteced - private, package private(default), protected and public. Subclass method override superclass method can not have lower access level. Decorator - composition and forwarding

A paper worth 120 billion

I come across this paper on the internet - The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine . This paper is about a web search engine called Google. Now google is a 120 billion company. That's really the most amazing thing in IT after dot com boom.